ZWARTKOPS Raceway 0.9.5

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Big thanks to the following developers, racing drivers, and sim racers:
@Johnr777 , @alfaquadsa, @Crash_Nemesis, @Cyberwiz, @Tebb, Richard Daley, @Nick Hodgson, @Leonardo Ratafiá


Big thanks to @Crash_Nemesis for the awesome teaser ^

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Kyalami Raceway

Latest updates

  1. 0.9.5 UPDATE

    37 Grid Slots for online racing. 20 Grid slot revert files for AI only racing if AI are not...
  2. Hotfix 0.9.1

    Track now runs in vanilla AC and any version of CSP. Some other small tweaks.

Latest reviews

Wow what a beauty great models, environment, and pavement. I found Kyalami as well. I cannot find the other tracks listed on the .jpg, maybe different author. Great work, great to have in the track collection.
Awesome work! It's so cool hearing all the sounds from the pits and seeing cars on the road outside the track. Thank you.
Always being very skeptical when there is an 5star hallelujah ranking circuit, because usely its not more then a 3star max. .

But what a track, the moveable cars on the road beside the circuit, the sound in the pit-lane (why nobody is using sounds), 3D spectators ( Why using 2D, its so ugly), the imperfections on objects caused by wear.

Just a small remark, adding a few balloons, track lighting for night driving, more spectators (with jelling sound), remove that ugly 2D tree to further away, tone down the pink&green colors in the tarmac and introduce rain effects. As an Vintagedriver maybe an vintage circuit skin.
Think this an new benchmark for all those track makers, well done.
thank you.
One of the most realistic looking tracks ever for AC.
Brilliant, total immersion, one of the best tracks in AC.
after over 1k hours of literally only running touge, this was the first track i decided to learn and start hotlapping after a recommendation from a friend.

firstly, thanks for the amount of time and effort that very clearly went into this. not used to this level of quality in surroundings, road texture, and feeling. can't wait to see the other tracks you guys are working on.

i've been hotlapping this track for hours now. the layout fully lives up to it's reputation and making the curbs/track edges/boundaries feel the way they do really forces me to put work into my line. that inner curb on corner 6 is brutal in the best way. this is the first 'real' track where i've felt the same reward trying to perfect my line corner-by-corner as i did with the mountain passes.

a must-have
Excellent track, very immersive, and significantly more fun with the slower cars as they tend to stay closer together for good battles.
Excellent attention to detail and totally immersive.
Tried again after a few months, it's still great
Je test est repasse.
Sinon merci d'avance si je repasse pas dans les hrs a venir
MASTERWORK. Shame its so short.
Almost looks like real life and has the same gripping points as real life
Awesome track!
OMG... This is my new fav track, it's so immersive in formula ford or skip barber. Looks easy to drive but takes a lot of practice, skill and guts to be quick lap after lap. Thank you Dale, an absolutely astounding job.
Brilliant track. Thankyou for looking out for us still running VanillaAC
Fantastic track and an amazingly good mod! 5 stars very very well earned!
Simply outstanding! The attention to detail and getting it as close to the real circuit is incredible - hands down the best I have seen in AC. Thanks so much!
Great track!
What a great made circuit. Fantastic job.

If you have problems with AI pits, you can make 2 layouts. First for online with ex. 30 pits, and second for AI racing with 20 pits. :)

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