2022 Formula One Japanese Grand Prix

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Will Max Verstappen become World Champion this weekend?

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One of the most exciting circuits on the F1 calendar will host the racing action this weekend as the field battles for late season points in Japan.

Suzuka’s complex layout has given F1 fans exciting races for decades, and this weekend’s grand prix looks to be no exception. The 2022 cars have allowed for longer and closer battles compared to recent years, and we can expect mid-pack scrapping in Japan this Sunday.

This is the first trip Formula 1 has made to Japan since 2019. Last time out, Sebastian Vettel was the winner, and Lewis Hamilton recorded the fastest lap. Neither of these facts is likely to repeat based on the 2022 results to date. Vettel has struggled for consistency and pace this season, and Hamilton has been unable to reach the championship form we’ve come to expect from him.

Just five races remain in the 2022 season. After Japan, the teams will face off in the United States, Mexico, Brazil and Abu Dhabi. Behind the dominant Red Bull and Max Verstappen, rankings of cars and teams from P2 downward should see some reordering before the end of the season. Teams will be putting their best cars forward, and drivers will be trying to extract the most from them to score late season points.

The most recent F1 race, last weekend in Singapore, produced interesting results and saw Sergio Perez maintain a lead throughout nearly the entire race despite frequent safety cars and virtual safety cars in drying conditions.

The cars winding through the legendary S-curves and ripping through 130R flat out should provide exciting racing action this weekend. What are your predictions for the results? Let us know in the comments below.

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Seeing Gunther "f**king* Steiner reminds me of the book I am currently reading:

"Racing with Rich Energy" is all about Haas' weird sponsorship deal in 2019. I started it two days ago. Very fun and interesting. (And no, I don't receive a percentage of the sales! I'm just passing along the info for those who are interested.)

As for the race: In my book, Suzuka is the most technical track on the calendar. One of my favorite races and so many memorable races in the 80's and 90's.
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Lewis was right about the costcap. If Mercedes could have spent more it would have made a difference for the championship. For instance if Mercedes had made a $1 sticker for Lewis‘ car with the text “Magic button, DO NOT TOUCH!”.
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Ohhh, the suspense is too much. Once Ferrari tripped up, well twice, umm let's stop there and Mercedes struggling for pace there was little mystery to who was going to win this thing.
When is the next gen car and rules changes coming?:O_o: And BTW FIA or whoever makes the schedule YIKES.
Just watched FP1.
Think the concerned sir pictured just got a few more knuckles in his head.
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I'm 50/50 on Verstappen winning the championship this weekend but I'm 100% sure that if it rains during quali or the race some people will demand rule changes.
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I did kinda hope that Mick would retain his seat but he's costin them a fortune in parts... too many $$$ per point.
So my choice would be Nico Hulkenberg for the seat alongside K Mag, there should be some fireworks but I believe the team will benefit from the experience and consistency that the two would bring, but where could Danny Ric go?
I wish Max does a 88 Senna. Starting at pole, screw up the start, fall back to p14 and still win the race.

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