ACC | Lamborghini Huracán GT3 Evo2 also confirmed for April

After last week's announcement regarding the addition of Ferrari's latest GT3 racer in Assetto Corsa Competizione next month, which had us think it would come as a standalone DLC, Kunos released today a new announcement, confirming the arrival of the rival manufacturer's GT3 race car latest evolution.

The Lamborghini Huracán GT3 Evo2, just like the 296 GT3, is set to be released on the Steam Store on April 19th. It sounds like Kunos is just going to be drip feeding announcements for cars on their socials until then, so at this point, it is fairly safe to assume we're going to see the Porsche 992 GT3.R come in the same update as well, although nothing is officially confirmed yet. The new GT2 SRO class cars are expected to come in the game as well, but they could still be planned for a later update.

Regarding the Lamborghini itself, the new GT3 car is actually based on the STO version rather than the "base" model Huracán, which is noticeable in the design elements and aerodynamic devices. But aerodynamics haven't only been improved in immediately visible aeras: the floor has been redesigned, but also the intake system, which allows the engine to be more efficient with the additional help of titanium valves and individual electronic throttle bodies.
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My neighbours are jealous. Every week I tell them that a new car is joining my private collection and now it's a Lamborghini.

Luckily, they don't know that it's virtual :p

What interested me in the car / article was the mention "Roger Dubuis" which I did not know. It is not a watch for everyone.
Although welcome, it is like another variant of something that is already in the game. I am probably not going to notice much difference between them. I would like to see more tracks though, especially Sonoma. ACC is still my favourite sim, and I will get anything they release, but would like a bit more variety. Not asking for non SRO tracks but tracks to complete the current series would be very welcome.
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Another GT3........................................................................................., whoopee.................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
I'd be far more interested in tracks for this title...

It's nice to have a new Lambo and Fezza but it's not going to make me want to fill up my weekends with league races in ACC...


"I'm sick of people asking when is Nordschleife coming, its NOT, not ever, maybe in AC2".

You are surely not alone... :thumbsdown:

(quoting went fked up somehow)
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my fav car in the game is the huracan, so very pleased.
Couldn´t care less about GT2 but it´s understandable so more pro teams get the sim for training. Which more likely means more $$$ for future ACC stuff and AC2.
As someone who mains and really enjoys the Huracan Evo in ACC (something about its handling subtleties just "click" for me) I'm looking forward to the Evo2. Hoping it'll "agree" with my driving style, so it could be my next main car in the game. :)

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