F1 23 Patch 1.12: Thrustmaster FFB Issues Addressed

Today, EA Sports releases a new patch, version 1.12, for F1 23 bringing a number of bug fixes and improvements. Some of its long-standing FFB issues are also addressed.

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Released in early June, F1 23 has now been in the hands of fans for over three months. In that time, many bugs and issues with the title have emerged, typically being resolved with patches. Well, the latest patch for F1 23 comes out today bringing the game to version 1.12.

It touches on several minor bugs in the game and bringing forth some healthy improvements. This will no doubt be a popular update among fans. But with force feedback issues plaguing the title, it seems this latest F1 23 patch helps ease at least some players’ concerns. Here’s all you need to know.

FFB Issues Solved?​

Ever since launch, F1 23 players have experienced issues with the force feedback, notably on Thrustmaster hardware. Indeed, entering pause menus or advancing to new sessions would often cause a total loss of FFB output from the game.

Several patches have come and gone leaving the many Thrustmaster T300 users none the wiser. But it seems EA Sports and Codemasters are finally making strides. Below the version 1.12 patch notes, the F1 23 developers point out that a recent Xbox system update may have solved the issue.

The team behind the popular sim is calling out to fans that can either confirm or deny the issue’s resolution. Indeed, if one can pinpoint the Xbox system change that ended the FFB loss for F1 23, they can reverse engineer the update. As a result, a fix for both PC and Playstation would be possible.

F1 23 1.12 Patch​

Elsewhere, the game update itself features several fixes that will please fans. Indeed, gameplay issue fixes dominate the changelog. In the F1 World menu, players will now have access to all goals available at any given time. In fact, a glitch caused several events to disappear from the screens. Other missing menu items that reappear thanks to this patch include the Season 2 Podium Pass whilst the Formula 2 season should now present in the correct order.

Graphically, the Ferrari race car and teamwear return back to their standard setup following a few weeks of Monza flamboyance. Prior to this F1 23 update, Nyck De Vries was acting much like in real life and seemingly became invisible. Players should now see him both in menu screens and in his car going forward. Finally, the update solves some weather glitches such as non-existent clouds on PS5 and vanishing fog.

F1 23 v1.12 Patch Notes​

  • Reverted back to the original Scuderia Ferrari teamwear and livery
  • Fixed an issue where Safety Car rules are now correctly applied upon return to racing conditions
  • Fixed an issue where Goals were not unlocking for some players in F1® World
  • Fixed an issue where Goals could become locked after exiting the Community Grand Prix mid-race
  • Fixed an issue where races in the F2™ season were in the incorrect order in Career mode(s)
  • Fixed an issue where clouds did not appear on PS5
  • Fixed an issue where primary sponsor ‘Lugna’ would appear in secondary sponsor list from Season 2 onwards in My Team
  • Fixed an issue where fog would disappear after changing the lighting quality settings on Grand Prix in F1® World
  • Fixed an issue where Season 2 Podium Pass item previews would not be displayed
  • Fixed an issue where track map for Zandvoort/Netherlands had DRS Zone 2 Detection & Activation points in the wrong places
  • Fixed an issue where brightness would not be correct with HDR10 enabled in Windowed mode
  • Fixed an issue where Force Feedback was not present on the HORI Racing Wheel
  • Fixed an issue where Nyck De Vries was invisible or helmetless after moving teams in Career modes
  • General Stability Improvements
  • Various Minor Fixes

Are you still experiencing FFB issues in F1 23? Tell us in the comments down below!
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