Pirelli continue their 2022 18-inch wheel testing in Barcelona as Alfa Romeo debut the new for next season wheel cover designs with Robert Kubica aboard the Ferrari powered C41.

Much noise has been made about the new for next season enlarged 18-inch wheels coming to Formula One as part of the latest regulation changes, however for many, myself included, the (re) introduction of aerodynamic wheel covers has perhaps slipped under the radar somewhat - and thanks to the efforts of the Alfa Romeo team, on Tuesday we got our first look at exactly how these new designs might appear on Grand Prix cars next season...

Initially making an appearance back in the 2009 season, before being banned by the FIA ahead of 2010, the reintroduction of wheel covers in Formula One have been designed in conjunction with the major rules overhaul of next year to help increase overtaking opportunities by allowing following cars to run closer in the dirty air of the car ahead - something that is becoming increasingly difficult in modern Formula One despite the introduction of the much maligned DRS drag reduction device.

As an aerodynamic tool I'm sure the FIA and various technical boffins in the sport know what they are doing, but as a fan, I'm not sure if I'd welcome back this visual change to the new cars. I didn't particularly like them back in 2009, and if the testing shots from Saub... Alfa Romeo are anything to go by, I don't think I'm going to like them next year either!

What do you think of the return to wheel covers in Formula One? Do you like the new look, or would you prefer to see them left off the 2022 rules allocation?