IMMERSION Modding Group Adds 9 Scenarios To 1986 F1 Season Pack

Image: @brainner / IMMERSION Modding Group
After exploring some of its possibilities, the IMMERSION Modding Group XML Selector now gets taken to another level: The 1986 F1 Season Pack for Automobilista 2 now has nine scenarios available to choose from.

When @Immersion Modding Group first introduced their XML selector to their 1991 F1 Season Pack, it featured five real scenarios from that year's season, as well as a fictional one. They mostly concerned driver changes that happened during the season, but not all of them.

The updated 1986 F1 Season Pack goes deeper, however. It comes with nine different scenarios, featuring driver moves up and down the field as seen in 1986. As a result, Elio de Angelis only races for Brabham in the very first scenario meant to portray the first five rounds of the season. Ahead of the 1986 Canadian Grand Prix, the Italian was tragically killed in a testing crash at Paul Ricard, resulting in Derek Warwick taking the wheel of the second BT55 for the rest of the season.


Derek Warwick took over the second Brabham cockpit after Elio de Angelis' tragic death in a testing crash at Paul Ricard.

Other driver swaps include Philippe Alliot taking over from Jacques Laffite at Ligier after the latter's career-ending crash at Brands Hatch (scenario 6 and onwards), and Christian Danner's move from Osella to Arrows in place of Marc Surer, with Alen Berg taking over the Osella instead after Montreal (scenario 3 and onwards).

However, not just driver swaps are covered. As several teams were sponsored by tobacco companies and this was not allowed at all races, two scenarios come with non-tobacco liveries for McLaren and Ferrari. As they were slightly different and Brands Hatch and Hockenheim, they are separate scenarios in the updated 1986 pack. Interestingly, Lotus' non-tobacco liveries are absent, although they might be part of a later update.

And finally, a special one-off livery is also part of the update. Keke Rosberg ran a yellow-and-white livery instead of the iconic red-and-white design for McLaren at the Portuguese Grand Prix to promot a new brand of main sponsor Marlboro's. The car is notorious for looking like it had been left out in the sun for too long - which was probably a reason for it not being used again after Estoril. The design is available in scenario 9.


Nothing like a sun-bleached version of an iconic livery.

With IMG's progress on the XML selector, race-by-race recreations of F1 seasons in AMS2 are looking to be more and more likely. Exciting times for fans of historic Formula One seasons might lie ahead, then - we sure are eager to see what might be next.

Which F1 season in AMS2 would you like to see get the XML selector treatment? Let us know on Twitter @OverTake_gg or in the comments below!
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Are these all the same cars or real mods with real car brand names?
Three car models in the Formula Classic Gen 1 class meant to represent the 86 season, one based on that year's Arrows, the other on the Williams, plus the licensed Lotus 98T :)
These packs add liveries, helmets, overalls, menu previews and AI files to the sim - the latter in order to have more accurate offline races against authentic drivers. Also influences their their probability for mechanical failures, so two AI driving the same car model will still act more like they had their actual cars.

Other seasons feature more cars. 1990 and 1992 have the most, IIRC, at four fictional and a licensed McLaren each.
Thanks for giving the info about the bleached McLaren.
At first I thought something was wrong until I searched photos on the internet.

However in my case the bleached Mclaren is there per default. Without using the xml selector. Is that normal?
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Thanks for giving the info about the bleached McLaren.
At first I thought something was wrong until I searched photos on the internet.

However in my case the bleached Mclaren is there per default. Without using the xml selector. Is that normal?
I think this is how i packed the F1 1986 season. The XML selector is there to help you selecting another scenario

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