Is Road Atlanta Coming to Rennsport?

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In a tweet shared by the ESL R1 account, a new track is coming to Rennsport. Judging by the information given, we believe it to be Road Atlanta.

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For those following ESL R1 for new info about Rennsport, there have been very few new additions. A constant repeat of Spa-Francorchamps, Hockenheimring, Nürburgring GP and Monza makes up the calendar.

But now, a new track is going to join the game. A tweet from the ESL R1 account shows details of what the new track will be. It is in the USA, has 12 corners and is 4.008 kilometres in length. Plus, the lap record is held by former Grand Prix driver Christian Klien.

Well here are the facts. Road Atlanta is in the USA and it has 12 turns (in the American way of counting, with the Turn 10 chicane down as 10A and 10B). It's also 4.088 kilometres and the lap record there is 1:07.056.

The time was set in 2008 by a Peugeot LMP1 car driven by.. yes you guessed it, Christian Klien! Need we say more? It is pretty safe to say that Road Atlanta will be the next new track in Rennsport.

Road Atlanta to Rennsport

The Road Atlanta circuit has been a prominent fixture in North American sportscar racing for many years. The home of 10-hour long Petit Le Mans since 1998, it is the typical season finale for the IMSA SportsCar series. The track is immensely popular with drivers and fans alike.

It has massive undulation and high speed flowing corners, some of which are blind. That makes it a very fulfilling challenge for those who take it on. Road Atlanta is available to race on the likes of iRacing, the Forza Motorsport games and most recently, Gran Turismo 7.

Along with the four aforementioned circuits that feature repeatedly in R1, there are more tracks joining Rennsport. Debuting at the first Rennsport Summit, the Goodwood Hillclimb is coming to the beta. Along with that, the Porsche 963 is set to be added in the not-too-distant future.

Beta Keys

Of course - as if it even needs mentioning at this point - Rennsport is still in closed beta. Anyone can attempt to access it if they so desire by signing up to the waitlist here. Additionally, they give out key codes on the R1 Finals broadcasts.

The upcoming round is taking place Friday 3 November starting at 6pm CET. One can tune in on the ESL R1 Twitch and YouTube channels. It may very well be on Road Atlanta so if you want to check out the Rennsport scan of the track, tune in to the event!

Are you planning on following the ESL R1 round on Road Atlanta? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!
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There’s another sim in a more complete state that might get that track too as it was found inside its files

Not naming the sim though just use your imagination
Could it be Road Atlanta? Or another US track which is 4088m long???

The guys at RS surely know how to keep up the anticipation
Great to see Road Atlanta be on the horizon for Rennsport...

Given the past few months I've put Rennsport ahead of the other options in development (besides rF2) as it has some real potential to be great on the physics front due to the methods used...

Other dev companies are trying to make lemonade out of a lemon of a racing engine... At least Rennsport will be making improvements on things like tyres without many other broken elements slowing down their progress...

Sure it's still a while from being ready, at least it's still labelled as a BETA unlike certain titles which you get labelled a troll for speaking the truth about...
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how is this a beta state? to me it feels more like an early alpha in regards to content, feel and visuals.
i don't see this game properly release any time soon. maybe this time next year if lucky.
it's the least interesting upcoming simracer for me at this point. I am more eager to see AC2, LeMans Ultimate and GTRevival before Rennsport.
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Don't bother with getting a beta key. Trust me, you don't need it. This title is underwhelming at the moment (Physics/FFB/Sounds/Content selection) are not ready for entertainment, it is truly in alpha stage at the moment. Beta usually means nearly feature complete.
Don't bother with getting a beta key. Trust me, you don't need it. This title is underwhelming at the moment (Physics/FFB/Sounds/Content selection) are not ready for entertainment, it is truly in alpha stage at the moment. Beta usually means nearly feature complete.

The engine is new and needs time... It's in BETA for a reason...

It's the exact opposite of the Madness engine situation... Where all titles on that engine should still be labelled BETA because the physics are as immature as Rennsports are...

Both engines aren't ready for prime time, but at least Rennsport can produce the same track for all the participants online...
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