RaceRoom Roadmap: New GT3s and Pau

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Raceroom Racing Experience has unveiled the content roadmap detailing car and track releases coming throughout 2023. Here are the different packs on the way.

Raceroom Racing Experience is often pushed to the side in the sim racing market. Titles such as Assetto Corsa Competizione and rFactor 2 jump to the forefront whereas this free-to-play game tends to hide in the shadows.

Every now and then however, KW Studios, the team behind the game makes announcements that shock the sim racing world. Today is one of those days as a full content roadmap has been released for the sim. With new cars and a rarely seen circuit, it is certainly a promising announcement for the game.

Car Content Coming to RaceRoom

A few weeks ago, we saw the On the Edge pack release for RaceRoom. It brought three new cars to the game including the KTM X-Bow GT2, Mazda RT-24P and McLaren 570S GT4. But these aren’t the only vehicles coming to the sim in 2023. Far from it in fact as many releases are scheduled for the year to come.

In half a dozen weeks, the BMW M4 GT3 will make up the game’s next release. This will form what KW Studios is calling the Q1.5 release. It will be a smaller release in between two major content drops. With many GT3 models in the game, the Beemer will be in good company and should provide excellent racing.

The next large release on the RaceRoom content roadmap is the title’s fourth Porsche Pack. This will add a trio of models from the Stuttgart brand: two modern racers and a vintage cup car. The all-new 992 generation of 911 is providing more and more racing variants. RaceRoom will get two of them in July: the Porsche 992 GT3 R and 992 GT3 Cup car. The addition of the Porsche 944 Turbo Cup car completes the pack and carries forth R3E’s love of unique content.

Another Porsche Pack is coming to Raceroom Racing Experience
Another Porsche Pack is coming to RaceRoom Racing Experience. Image credit: KW Studios
Lastly for the 2023 car announcements is an addition the wide array of RaceRoom Touring Car content. We don’t know exactly what cars will feature in the so-called Touring Car Pack. But it’s fair to say further TCR content is certain. Furthermore, the potential for all-electric ETCR cars is high when you consider the track coming along with it.

Unique Track in Sim Racing​

The Pau Street Circuit is making its official return to simracing having not been original content in a title since Race 07 over a decade ago. This twisty circuit winds its way around the city centre of South-Western French town, Pau. It is one of the oldest venues in France and held the French Grand Prix in 1930.

The Pau Street Circuit is making its simracing return
The Pau Street Circuit is making its sim racing return. Image credit: KW Studios
Today, the Pau GP is still an annual event with both a modern and historic historic weekend. The modern Grand Prix is set to host Euro Formula Open and TCR Europe in just a week’s time. Last year, it saw all-electric ETCR cars go head-to-head which might be an incentive for KW Studios to bring the series to its game.

More on the RaceRoom Roadmap?​

That’s not all in the pipeline for RaceRoom this year. The developers mentioned a six-week gap between content drops. So fans of the title can expect new releases every month and a half from now on.

With that in mind, the roadmap currently has a few gaps in its timeline. The Q2.5 and Q3.5 markers currently show as empty but expect more announcements to follow. Much like the M4 GT3 coming soon, this so-called intermediary content will be “smaller, very affordable releases.” Expect these drops to be skin packs and single cars.

Finally, Christmas also shows up on the roadmap timeline. Showing a “Christmas Treat,” fans can expect something special for release around 25 December.

Editor’s Take​

Angus Martin

Having previously lived in the town of Pau in South West France, seeing the return of the Pau Street Circuit to official simracing content is huge news. I can’t wait to throw a little touring car or Formula racer around the streets I once walked.

Elsewhere, it’s great to see that KW Studios is still putting so much effort into its simulator despite its age. The game celebrated its tenth birthday in February of this year. So for it now be getting content drops every six weeks is a great sign. Keep it up, team!

What do you make of the content roadmap Raceroom has planned out for 2023? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!
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Hope the car classes will also get an update with the release of the M4! Such as DTM 2022 or ADAC GT Masters 2022 and not the M4 is simply thrown into GT3 section.
Thanks but in that case its still nice if you guys could add a matching dark mode to the overtake articles. The transition (from black to white with other fonts) when clicking on news articles makes the experience of this news section on racedepartment bad.
It's a work in progress, there's a link in the article for questions maybe ask there.
Stick to what you're doing best and that is FWD touring car racing. Niche genre with rFactor's BTCC having given it some spotlight
Does it drive better than AMS2 or the same ballpark mediocre?
Finally Pau is coming to Raceroom. I'm a but curious about Touring car pack, maybe new TCR cars(2023 Honda Civic and Lynk & Co)? TCR World tour, Europe TCR? Or classic touring cars like supertouring? We'll see
Last edited:
raceroom can't even get dash displays done right, for 5 years now ever since the ONE person who knew how to do it left, sums up their development pretty well, they are not interested in improving or bring the game up to modern standards, they simply want to cash cow it now with cars and tracks, well i'm done with this game now

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