RENNSPORT Multiplayer: All you Need to Know

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In a development update, the RENNSPORT team has provided information on its new multiplayer system. Find out all you need to know about RENNSPORT's ranking system data and upcoming events.

With the Closed Beta for RENNSPORT now well and truly underway, sim racers are beginning to get their hands on the title for the first time. As a result, more and more players are in need of something to do in-game.

With that in mind, the developers have launched the early stages of multiplayer. To give everyone a run down of how the system works, the first of many development updates has been released. In it, the developers explain every aspect of the online competition system and much more. Here’s all you need to know about the first edition of Rennsport Under the Hood.

RENNSPORT Multiplayer Ranking System​

Online ranking systems are becoming increasingly popular among sim racing titles. As expected, RENNSPORT is following the trend as it develops its own competition system. It seems it is set to work much like other titles.

As they race, players will be associated with a pair of numbers, evolving with each race result. One number will track a driver’s speed and overall ranking, the other will track their safety.

RENNSPORT Rating – or RR – will display to the world just how good a racer is. Much like ELO in LFM, this number will evolve with each race result and will allow the game to rank every player against one another. According to the Under the Hood blog post, new players in the Beta will start out at a base RR of 1500. This will increase or decrease depending on race results. Finish well and you will gain rating, finish poorly and you will lose rating.

In the same ethos as iRacing, RENNSPORT will also feature a Safety Rating. This will increase or decrease from the starting number of 1.00 depending on one’s safety. Crashes, penalties and any form of incident will have a negative impact on the Safety Rating. Drive cleanly, however, and you will see the number rise with ease.

With the current Closed Beta in a very developmental stage, server instability is certainly not out of the question and Rennsport knows this. With that in mind, they are keen to point out that races that come to an early end due to server issues will not effect RENNSPORT‘s online multiplayer ranking points in any way.

Furthermore, with frequent changes and updates in the pipeline, the developers may reset rating points as they wish. Finally, it is pointed out in the post that races will require at least three entrants to be classed as official, and therefore influence rating points.

Racing Online​

Members of the sim racing community may have seen the memes surrounding RENNSPORT Beta keys. However, they are adamant that more than 8 have been delivered so far. A whopping 60,000 names reportedly feature on the waiting list.

As such, races will most certainly fill up multiple grids. Once again, RENNSPORT is not revolutionary in the idea of breaking up race sign-ups into multiple splits. Much like other services, the game will break sign-ups into smaller grids of similar RR levels.

In each race, the player with the highest RR will run car number 1. As one falls lower on the RENNSPORT multiplayer leaderboard within their own split, they will run a higher number on their car. As yet, Rennsport haven’t said how many cars will feature in each split.

RENNSPORT Online Multiplayer Calendar.jpg

Use the in-game calendar to enter multiplayer races in Rennsport. Image credit: Rennsport

To take part in online RENNSPORT multiplayer races, players will have two methods of keeping up to speed with ongoing races. The first method is via the in-game calendar. Racers can view which car-track combinations will run on which days. The calendar page also features a number of filters to use in order to only see races one is interested in. Click on the race you want to enter and either hit Notify Me if you want to practice further or Register to sign up.

The RENNSPORT app will also present information on current races and upcoming events. But it will also allow players to keep an eye on their cars, results, liveries and even watch ESL R1 competitions.

More to Come​

This RENNSPORT Under the Hood post is the first in what the team is calling a series of development updates. Over the coming months, expect more news to release in this form. But in the meantime, there is potentially something to look forward to.

RENNSPORT Figure 8 Track.jpg

Is a figure-of-eight track coming to the serious Rennsport title? Image credit: Rennsport

In the midst of the number 8 memes referencing the slow release of Closed Beta keys, the post features an interesting screenshot. It shows-off a figure-of-eight track in the title. Could we see a destruction derby event emerge from the ashes of controversy? Only time will tell. However, with the game’s focus on serious esports, it would be a significant change of focus.

What do you make of the RENNSPORT multiplayer ranking systems? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!
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The last step before RENNSPORT will be published officially is the Open Beta. In this stage the access will be open to all RENNSPORT fans and sim racing enthusiasts...:thumbsup:
Ok so its another GT3 game on the Unreal engine. What's so special here? What am I missing?
It's going to have other cars, it's only the Beta that's using just GT3 cars.

I'm not all that enthused about this title at this point. I don't have a lot of time to sim race so it's going to have to be pretty epic to make me jump ship from Kunos titles. I don't want to be wasting my time learning a new sim if it's only on a par with Kunos.
Will be purchasing this title in the future but with the GT3 focused content there is not much point for anyone who has ACC until they add more cars & more tracks.The developers seem to be going about things in the right way doing everything quite slowly so must have some very good funding behind them.
Can someone explain to me the purpose of this title ?
Is it to compete with IRacing for online supremacy ?
Is it a stand alone off-line product with enhanced online features ?
Is it "pay for play" ?
Can someone explain to me the purpose of this title ?
Is it to compete with IRacing for online supremacy ?
Is it a stand alone off-line product with enhanced online features ?
Is it "pay for play" ?
Sim racers are very likely seen as a great cash cow. We spend a lot of money, from our PC to our sim racing gear, to software. We're a big golden cow that everyone wants a piece of.

This title seems to be saying it's got a bit of everything for everyone. It wants to cover all the bases.

The amount of investment into the title kind of worries me though. Those people are going to want their money back which means this title is going to be pushing content like mad. It wouldn't surprise me if mods are just out of house DLC for the most part. If they want to monetise mods then there's going to need to be some regulation.
So far I only seen streams with max 10 players ... it ran smooth but tbh thats expected with 10 players only.. would like to see bigger fields and diverse pings to be able to judge the netcode :) other then that the phased release seems ok and working and thats a good sign.. cant really compare much to anything yet since alot of systems do not exist or work atm from what can be seen ...
Very promising but boring as usual to see its the usual youtubers that got access. What about the normal consumer/neutral reviews???
So it doesn't support triple-screens?
It supports only payed promoters and non regular simracers! Maybe after 2 years it will something like just give to try go for few hot laps, i always welcome new sims, but rennsport pissed me off with their policy from first steps, so i wanna try it badly and to smash them in the facebwith real results!
I just found out Rennsport has a mix of car brands.

For some reason, since 6 months ago or whenever we first heard about it, I thought Rennsport was going to be this awesome new sim based exclusively on Porsche but with all sorts of incredible Porsche racing cars over the past 70 years or so.

I have no idea why I thought that (perhaps because of the name and only seeing Porsches in the beginning?).

I still don't really know what it's striving to be other than not being a Porsche exclusive game. Every time I see a car though, it looks like just typical, bland, driver-aids-filled, under-powered, over-gripped, recent/modern GT3/GT4 cars. I really hope I'm wrong.
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