rFactor 2 | July Release Candidate Now Available

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July's rFactor 2 Release Candidate build is now available via Steam, and brings notable updates to track surfaces, track limits, and electronic systems in vehicles.

rFactor 2 players looking to preview the latest round of updates and fixes for the title can now opt into a new Release Candidate build in Steam.

The latest Release Candidate offers many significant improvements to the sim, including a new major build of Real Road, a customizable track limit system, and updates to ABS and Traction Control systems.

The new Real Road 2.0 improves the simulation of track temperature by adding a number of new sources of data. Time of day and ambient temperatures are obvious contributors to the surface temperature of the road surface, but rFactor 2 now also accounts for cloud cover levels and vehicle tires scrubbing across the tarmac.

Additionally, Studio 397 has also added a feature to compensate for one of the hottest topics in sim and real racing. Track limits can now be adjusted by the user. Limits can be turned off, left at the default limits, or set to a stricter standard.

The last major update contained in this build addresses vehicle ABS and Traction Control systems. These electronic systems now have improved behavior.

Do any of these new features interest you? Have you opted into this Release Candidate yet? Let us know in the comments below.
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¿Soy solo yo, o rFactor 2 está funcionando mal? Tengo 16 gigas de ram, ryzen 5 2600 cpu y gpu Radeon RX6600, y la velocidad de fotogramas fue extremadamente inconsistente la última vez que revisé el juego, así que hace unas 2 o 3 semanas.un
Pleased to see continued updates and improvements! :)

Hoping that a fix ensuring AI don't throttle and brake as if with a keyboard is next on the list. That's really the big thing I'm waiting for. It used to be better, but an update by S397 a few years ago broke AI throttle and brake usage. Even a few levels of pedal progression for the AI would make such a difference. I'm sure it's a challenging issue, but IMO it's a major one, especially for those of us who prefer racing offline.

Note: if you're wondering why this matters, try to do a race in the Stock Car 2018X at Lime Rock, and watch the AI cars shake going through sweeping corners because they're slamming on and off the brakes and throttle 100% each time. Not only does this look bizarre and cause the AI to use up their tyres quickly, it also means I have to turn the AI Strength up by 10% or more to have them going the same relative pace as they would in other cars. Since this problem is worst on sweeping corners, it also causes major issues with oval racing with AI as well.
I expected more things... as I've said there is great potential in this sim but there are a lot of things yet to do if they want, at least, being near Assetto Corsa or any other sim -except for the physics- I'm sorry to say this because rFactor is a mythical sim but it looks like a pre alpha.
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Pleased to see continued updates and improvements! :)

Hoping that a fix ensuring AI don't throttle and brake as if with a keyboard is next on the list.
The AI would need a complete overhaul, it's not just this pedal on/off behavior but the AI aggression slider is not working, divebombs, brake checkups, not using slipstream to overtake, zigzagging on the road trying to block the player and wrecking the player like an idiot.
I doubt they will fix the AI at all after all these years because they're all-in on esports, it's make it or break it for them at this point.
It's been a long while since I've firing up rFactor 2 and I would have to say, it has improved a lot from what I remember ( personal opinion ), a new menu interface:geek: which looks and works great.
The graphics / reflections etc in the rain on rF2 latest Tracks look awesome from Cockpit view while driving. I set up adjusting the weather over a 5 lap race on LeMans with 'Heavy Rain / Heavy Rain / Storm / Partially Cloudy / Clear and this worked great with the road showing heavy wetting to mainly drying out with minimal wetting by the end of the race, fantastic:inlove:
...more than happy with what has been achieved so far and like the direction it is moving which has renewed my appreciation for rFactor2.:D

00 rFACTOR 2 LeMANS in the WET crop copy.jpg
1 rF2 ENDURANCE PACK at LeMANS copy.jpg
3 rFACTOR 2 LeMANS in the WET crop copy.jpg
5 rF2 ENDURANCE PACK at LeMANS copy.jpg
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very good update, the new abs/tc power cut system is very convincing, the effect on the steering wheel is precise and it's very pleasant! the evolution is going in the right direction, despite those who want to see it die, I'm delighted!
keep up the good work s397! :thumbsup:
Have you tried that lowest tire pressure is still king or this also changed?
I think the tires are still at about 140 or something like that so I don't think so. But its bloody amazing stuff! Just had time to check the track temps were actually working, and by heck you can really feel it if you set track to 0 Degrees! Totally different track at 60. Can't wait to try a good long race with changing weather!
Ehh, and what about fixing the sound? All those updates will mean nothing to me if the sound is not fixed!
There are several items in the blog that point to continued sound development. But the basic sound is now in place. 3rd party cars will have to be modified, and that is the responsibility of the modders. If there are cars you don't like how they sound, contact the modder. S397 cars will be gradually integrated, like the Oreca 07 and the full GTE field. (including New tires & cooling updates)
I think S397 is focusing first on cars that will be in the Virtual Endurance online series but they will expand the sound updates in small batches.

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