Sim Racing Deals in the Steam Summer Sale

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There are lots of great deals to be had for PC sim racers at the annual Steam Summer Sale.

If there are sim racing titles you have been holding off on picking up due to price, or if you want to supplement your current titles with DLC add-ons at well discounted prices, now is a great time to do so.

Every summer Steam offers some incredible discounts on most of the most popular game titles, and this year we can take advantage of discounts of up to 90 percent off the regular price of racing sims and DLC content.

We’ve explored the huge number of discounts offered in this sale and listed some of the standout offers below, which are valid until July 8th. Some discounts may vary by location. Let us know in the comments which deals you think are too good to miss!
There are lots of other great discounts to be had this year, so be sure to check out more deals at the Steam Summer Sale and share any great finds in the comments section.
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We have some tasty sales until the 9th also!

Hi Everyone,

Summer is here and we are delighted to provide a 25% off SALE for everything!

The team is currently working on some great projects for the motorsport scene and with your continued support, we will be bringing further top-quality vehicles throughout 2021 so stay tuned!

All the best,
Race Sim Studio
I like F1 2020, but I don't care to build my own team. Just want to race like in RF2. Possible?
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Is the F1 in F1 2020 as good or better than the F1 in RF2? I want to pick and choose any track and car.
F1 games are simcade, so as long as you go into it with that mindset, it's definitely better than RF2 (if for no other reason than the fact that you can complete 5 races in F1 before the first track even loads in RF2). When you pull "realistic" physics into the equation, though, F1 doesn't even hold a candle to RF2 (in my opinion).
I agree. I bought F1 2020 a few months back and didn''t care for the UI or not being able to run what I wanted and when I wanted. I hear that RSS 2019 for AC is supposed to be pretty good,
I also bought F1 2020, but It had trouble detecting all my controllers. I have separate USB Pedels, DD-Drive Motor, USB F1 Wheel, 2 USB button boxes. F1 2020 doesn't see all of these.
I will not purchase F1 2020, because i have F1 2018 and 2019.
The UI (no mouse) is terrible. But i really like the game. Immersion is great, so as the content.

At this price, this is for sure a must.

And of course Dirt rally 2
RaceRoom where are you??? :(
That's exactly what I've been asking myself the whole time.
I actually only drive rFactor 2 and now and then the good old Assetto Corsa because Studio397 simply does not get the multiplayer so well.
But after the announcement about the completely new steering and force feedback I installed RacRoom again and I am really excited!
They did such a damn good job with it!
Now only some good offers for the purchasable content are missing and I see RaceRoom back in the forefront.
So Sector3 Studios please don't miss this big opportunity now!
We are waiting for the summer sale.
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I think raceroom must have too many players and Sector 3 prefer players leave their platforms for other simulators. Personally, I bought some content for rFactor 2 and maybe I'll let myself be tempted by Automobilista 2. At worst, if I don't have Valerbanen and Brno in my collection, I think I'll survive;)
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