Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown: More Info on July 12th

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Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is hotly anticipated by fans of open-world racing titles, but they may have to show some more patience: It looks like the game will be pushed back to 2024 - more info on the title is imminent, however.

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Initially announced to be available in 2022, TDU Solar Crown had been pushed back until 2023 - and according to publisher Nacon's recently released financial report, the game has yet again been re-scheduled, this time for the end of Q1 in 2024, as OverTake found out.

Fans of the series will likely be groaning about this, but viewing the additional delay in a positive light, this should mean that Solar Crown is going to be released in a polished state rather than having been rushed. With the usual Christmas sales in mind, it would have been easy to hold on to 2023 and force the new TDU out in time.

Vivian Hugues Teases Stream​

Meanwhile, more insight is just around the corner: A video teaser hosted by the ficitional character of Vivian Hugues, who hosts the Solar Crown event in the game, announced a live stream on July 12th (7 pm CEST/5 pm UTC/11 am ET) on Nacon's YouTube Channel. No further information has been given, but it considering the duration of development thus far, fans could be in for a treat in the form of the first bits of gameplay footage.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is set to feature an accurate recreation of Hong Kong Island as its setting and will feature a more realistic driving model than its predecessor Test Drive Unlimited 2. The island is going to feature several different environments to encourage exploration and incorporate multiple driving and racing disciplines.

Your Thoughts​

Are you disappointed with TDU Solar Crown being delayed again? What do you hope for in Wednesday's live stream? Let us know in the comments below!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


Coming out around the same time than the Crew Motorfest wasn't the best idea. Both games sales would have probably suffered. It seems Ubisoft has already a quiet solid and polished game (or maybe the beta testers can't say anything negative), better for Nacon to give more time to Kyloton or the game may suffer the comparison. There's a lot of pressure on their shoulders with this TDU franchise. But as they didn't make it before Ubisoft and as it's too late for 2023, they have time to make the things right.
Just watched the annoucement video. The host is gorgeous and mature, a good classy change from the usual teens in videogames (well teens are the usual target, it makes sense). But she is really bad in delivering the lines there. This is not natural at all. I don't think she is the one to blame ; her character is the issue, it doesn't really makes sense : she states she is the big event organizer but acts like a simple host (which she is there), lacking charisma. I mean when I watch her I can't imagine she is a powerful person able to organize such an event. It may be just a mistake in that specific video.

I would have expected a local host in a game located in HK but why not. I just hope she will perform better in the game (if the character is badly written, she won't be able to do better though) or I shall just remember that good old host from Megarace (what a performance! :D ).

From what I read, she is M3lly, a seasoned esport host, who had been interviewed 3 years ago by... Overtake :
ZERO expectations here but rather high percentage premonition of failure coz KT/Nacon shown in their previous games that they are not able to create proper driving physics and VR option.
Everyone is waiting for:
1) physics of machines
2) online clubs based on interests
3) editor of own races
4) police AI
5) playlist of radio stations
solar crown will be first of all about exploring the great city of Victoria. All others will be +- same as other game. But i would not expect much from physics, it will be still a simple arcade. Hope they keep the radia as cool as in TDU1... and of corse wonna see if they made HK 1:1 as in real
In my opinion, it makes no sense to expect something breakthrough from a company that has absolutely no respect for its users. "Release - sell - forget" - that's Nacon's slogan. To ruin their main WRC series, not to mention the spin-offs - that takes some skill.
Despite TDU being around several years prior to Horizon?..
Do you understand that today is the norm to copy everyone else's style? Forza copies from TDU, TDU copies from Forza and all we get is equalized, sanitized gaming experience that wears out faster than I can hit 50% game completion.

Today only BeamNG.drive offers something special that keeps me hooked without getting bored.

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