The ImSim Garra Is A Luxury Motion Simulator With Automotive Design Cues

The ImSim Garra Is A Luxury Motion Simulator With Automotive Design Cues.jpg
The Portuguese sim racing equipment manufacturer has announced its new range-topping motion simulator, the Garra.

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Unveiled at the recent Sim Formula Europe event in the Netherlands, we went hands-on with ImSim’s car-inspired motion sim rig, the Garra.

The automotive hints begin with the luscious paint job, which is deeply reminiscent of Mazda’s Soul Red, both in terms of the shade and the quality of the application. At the front, from afar, certain design elements remind us of a sports car – with a ‘mouth’ and slim LED strips analogous to those of car headlights.

ImSim Garra Motion Simulator racing front

Around the back, there’s even a lower light illuminated like a Formula 1 rain notifier and even a brake light that switches on when the user hits the stoppers in-sim.

Of course, all these touches are irrelevant to overall lap time or enjoyment behind the wheel. Superfluous some might say. But in person, this sim rig has an eye-catching presence. In a word, sleek.

This is reinforced by the relative lack of cabling – everything is hidden beneath the athletic exterior save for the one mains plug, a process learnt during the creation of the ImSim’s existing rigs, the Alma and Terra.

The simplicity in design is not really aimed at the likes of you or me, but the (as ImSim terms it) ‘luxury’ sim racer. In other words, if you own a hypercar, then you would have one of these in your garage to practice a track day in advance and stay looking good in the process.

ImSim Garra Motion Simulator racing onboard

To that point, the whole system has been created with ease of use in mind – this is not something that owners will enjoy setting up or building like flat-pack furniture. It’s one complete ‘simulator’ that just works, with business use also in mind.

The race and flight sim manufacturers use an off-the-shelf Simucube wheel base, but it is ensconced with a custom frame that allows up-and-down movement upon entry with the push of one button. Another button is used to seamlessly glide the company’s own load cell Talento pedals back and forth.

The process is much more elegant than reaching for a bar – after all, millionaires should never be reduced to manual labour. But of course not.

Under the skin is D-Box’s latest G5 motion system, one at each corner combined with strategically placed ButtKickers. Speakers are hidden, woven into the seat’s upper echelons.

ImSim Garra Motion Simulator racing

On track, using a version of Assetto Corsa, it doesn’t pitch and roll you like a roller coaster but rather delivers a tooth-clattering sensation over large kerbs and makes your gut feel like it’s climbing up Eau Rouge/Raidillon.

Immersion is the name of the game, not necessarily esports-level speed. This is made to deliver an exciting experience while not looking out of place alongside a rarefied car collection.

While final pricing is yet to be confirmed, OverTake believes the complete unit will be available for somewhere under €50,000.

If you had the money, would you purchase a set-up like this? Let us know in the comments below.
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In 5 years I would like to know how many units were sold... 50k.... It seems price is set as advertisment for high end luxury product..for 50k you can make 2 systems like this one (dbox g5, simucube pro, wheel, pedals, really high end pc) and still save some money....
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There's yokes on Amazon that essentially do the same thing (without the monitor, which I'm not sure is included with this), for less than €200. If this represents a surrender to Chinese hegemony, I think I can live with that.
Well, as I read down through the article, I thought to myself "I wonder what the price tag will be... could be ballpark £15k, but it wouldn't be very attractive at that price" :)
Maybe the profit margin on this will be... rather large.
4x BK Mini Lfe for each tyre, just wow that was quite alot and pretty cool in 2012 :)
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The answer is always the same to these massively priced boutique rigs - if I had the money would I buy it? No way because I know exactly what sim racing equipment I could buy for that money and that would make me a fool if I didn't use my 50k euros to get what I can really get for that $.
Pretty sure these are only bought by interior designers to act as decoration in homes commissioned by multi-millionaires.
I'm intrigued as to who buys this stuff? Then again where my wife works has fitted one of the rest areas out with linked Motogp arcade machines with sit on bikes, so who knows!! Corporate money I guess.

I've I had a spare 50k kicking about I'd probably be rich enough to just buy real world toys and not be interested in sims at all. Then again you can't play out all the time so who knows. I have already put a shocking amount of time into sims looking at my Steam hours.
straight to the garage since most people won't get it through the front door although those that can afford it won't have that problem i guess.
Did i say it's fugly.

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