What Do You Like to Do Most in BeamNG.drive?


What is your favorite activity in BeamNG.drive?

  • Crashing

    Votes: 77 32.4%
  • Racing

    Votes: 74 31.1%
  • Rallying

    Votes: 95 39.9%
  • Scenarios

    Votes: 50 21.0%
  • Exploring

    Votes: 81 34.0%
  • Other (please comment!)

    Votes: 23 9.7%

  • Total voters
BeamNG.drive is a wide-open sandbox with lots to do. We want to know: What are your favourite activities in the soft body crash-a-lot game?

Image credit: BeamNG

Each month, BeamNG.drive is one of if not the most popular games on Steam. In fact at OverTake, we keep a regular eye on the charts. This sandbox title always appears at the top end of most-played list. But why exactly is it so popular?

Well, the simple answer is that there is just so much to do in the game. Offering a variety of open-world maps, each with their own challenges, races and easter eggs, there is a lot to explore. Furthermore, the car list is vast, with each model featuring a plethora of modifications and unique characteristics. Finally, third party mods available for the game provide a whole other dimension to the title.

With so much to do, it sometimes seems difficult knowing where to start. So we are asking you, the community, what you enjoy doing most in BeamNG.drive. You can get in touch via the comments section, on our social media channels, or in our Discord community. Let us know what you enjoy doing. Tell us what your favourite maps, car and mods are. Above all, let us know why you keep coming back to this hidden gem of a title.

What I Do in BeamNG.Drive​

Personally, I was always intrigued by this sandbox crash-tastic title. However, it was only recently that I made the plunge and purchased it. In fact, I believe I got it for a reduced price in the last Spring Steam sale – that certainly felt like a good deal.

In fact, that good deal felt even greater as time went on, and I discovered what the title truly offers. Originally seeing BeamNG as a simple soft-body crashing title in which all you do is spend a few hours pretending to crash, I soon found out it is so much more. Upon loading it up, I realised that several maps are available to explore freely, each with different activities.


BeamNG.drive is far bigger than I ever imagined. Image credit: BeamNG

Rock climbing, top speed runs, rallying, circuit racing and deliveries. I have spent a lot of time taking part in these challenges, always trying to improve my time. What is so great about the title is that these challenges are far from easy. Unlike other games releasing in recent times, one must work hard to get even achieve one out of three stars, let alone get a full bag.

The off-road driving challenges and rally courses are certainly my favourites. In fact, I see the game as a brilliant rallying simulator. A few months ago, I even pointed out that BeamNG.drive is the perfect base for a Dakar Rally simulator; far better than the actual title, Dakar Desert Rally. The off-road physics feel very understandable whilst the tarmac feel is very smooth.

My favourite map of the game has to be the most recent Johnson Valley location. A wide open desert with very few tarmac roads, it is what inspired the Dakar motivation. This is a map that provides many surface types from deep sand to bolder-filled rock fields and gravel paths.

However, the thrill of diving through the narrow roads of Italy is also very fun. In fact, simply driving around any area of any map in BeamNG.drive is enjoyable. The driving physics are very pliable and make you want to keep going. Any time I can treat a road like a rally stage, I will continue driving that same stretch for hours.

I am yet to dive into the third party content. However, that is certainly something I will have a look at soon.

I know there is so much I am missing out on in this game. But with the shear size of it, it is impossible to truly touch everything. Therefore, what would you advise I focus on next time I boot up the game?

What do you do most in BeamNG.Drive? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg, the poll attached to this article, and in the comments down below!
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Angus Martin
Motorsport gets my blood pumping more than anything else. Be it physical or virtual, I'm down to bang doors.


Mr Martin, I don't want to sound like a hater, but you really need an editor, or at least a proof reader. I'm guessing you're better at driving than writing? Several of the sentences / paragraphs , let's say could be a little better written, there's at least one typo, and you probably mean 'sheer' not 'shear' at the end. Probably.
I appreciate you creating these stories for RD, but the last few I've read could really have done with a little more polishing.
Happy to help out if needed :)
My favorite thing to do is boot it up wait for everything to load and then decide that I hate the ffb so much I jump into something else. I love everything about it except the feeling of the ffb. It feels like a bad arcade cabinet on my wheel. It's a great game with alien ffb effects .
I could never understand the ffb, until I selected it to be reversed, and bingo, instant and clear communication from the wheel allowing me to know where the front wheels are just by feel.

It is also quite subdued until you hit something, then the FFb tries to kill you, Just like my real car. Driving around the roads, very little feedback, hit a curb, rips itself out of my hands.
Didn't realise they added it already. Thought it was only just announced as a 'coming feature'.

Used to have it I believe (removed it because it just wasn't ready), but was before I got it. Just got re-implemented.

Runs fine on my old (lowest budget model) 1080Ti whilst I see a lot of people with newer GPUs run out or vram, so I guess having 10GB or more is advisable
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I just started a few days ago, and the Campaign mode is cool, ya buy a car, have very little money, and ya have to pay to fix damage when ya crash, Cool! So i drive around alot in traffic as fast as possible without crashing, but when ya do, Totaled! LOL and it costs to fix so in a way, yer bummed!! Fabulous, Haha!
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Crawling, obstacles, or off-roading. Normal driving is just too boring in that game for me. I have Assetto for that.
the off-road trucks are so well done, should have multiplayer races and tracks.
My favorite thing to do is boot it up wait for everything to load and then decide that I hate the ffb so much I jump into something else. I love everything about it except the feeling of the ffb. It feels like a bad arcade cabinet on my wheel. It's a great game with alien ffb effects .

You must do something wrong then. Even Sim Physics Legend Niels Heusinkveld really liked driving BeamNG. Videos on his YT.
I played some demos years a go, and have no idea what it includes originally if buy it now, i have always loved crashing since from kid. So i have been interested, but havent buy it. Seen often videos from Youtube and have though most of those are mods but i dont know. I dont have time and dont want to mess with mods anymore. Just have a go and play, with controller and so on. Seeking the fun side of playing, and ditch the seriousness, which makes mostly just angry, and have bad effect in real life, and so... This is getting out of hand already... lol :rolleyes:
You must do something wrong then. Even Sim Physics Legend Niels Heusinkveld really liked driving BeamNG. Videos on his YT.
I doubt it. I like the physics fine. The ffb is terrible for what I expect. I mean I drive just as much as anyone irl so I don't feel anyone else's opinions are any more or any less valid than mine. For a race car game sure but knowing my truck is pretty much in the game I can say the ffb is way off from what my Silverado feels like irl. I wonder sometimes from comments how many sim racers actually own and drive a vehicle truthfully.
I personally like the fact that there is no console-like career mode, achievments, or “unlocking” forced on you. Those sorts of things...to the degree they are present...are simply your choosing whether or not to participate in them. Maybe I’m tainted by my experience with Wreckfest, but I can imagine it would have been very easy to choose the full-up console style with Beam.NG if the devs had wanted to.

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