What Le Mans Content Would You Like to See in Automobilista 2?

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With the big update to v1.5 and the release of the Adrenaline Pack Pt. 1 DLC in the rear view mirror, Reiza Studios still has big things planned for Automobilista 2 in 2023: The Brazilians have confirmed the modern Circuit de La Sarthe to come to AMS2 towards the end of the year, with retro versions to follow in 2024. Of course, they need fitting vehicles as well.

While nothing in particular has been confirmed regarding models, 2023 prototypes and up-to-date versions of GT3 cars are planned on the modern content side. GT3 is going to replace the outgoing GTE class from 2024 onwards, and the latter is already represented in AMS2, although only with two of 2023's cars - while the Chevrolet Corvette C8.R and the Porsche 911 RSR are present, the Ferrari 488 GTE and the Aston Martin Vantage AMR are missing. No prototypes from recent years can currently be found in AMS2.

Blasts From the Past​

Going back a few years, the top classes at Le Mans are represented a little better, however: The GT1 class from circa 1998 features the Porsche 911 GT-1 98, Nissan R390 GT1, Mercedes-Benz CLK-LM and McLaren F1 GTR, only missing the Toyota GT-One and Panoz Esperante GTR-1 to complete that class. While GT1 was supposed to be based on road cars (which manufacturers managed to circumvent, of course), proper prototypes were also on the grid at the time in addition to the GT2 class featuring the Chrysler Viper GTS-R or Porsche 911 GT2. The class had much more variety in 1997, also including cars like the Marcos LM600 and the Callaway Corvette LM.

Automobilista 2 Group C Sauber-Mercedes C9 Le Mans Content.jpg

The circa-1998 content could work well with the announced 1990s version of Le Mans. The same holds true for the Group C cars that are already in AMS2, as they raced from the mid-1980s into the early 1990s. The Porsche 962C, Sauber-Mercedes C9 and Nissan R89C are in their late 1980s specs, so technically, they would be at home at a Le Mans with the uninterrupted Mulsanne Straight - but maybe that will be available as an alternative layout.

Depending on when the third confirmed version of the track is set, the 1970s layout of Le Mans might differ substantially. An early-1970s layout would make for a fitting stage for popular cars like the Porsche 917 (both in its short and long tail configurations) or the Ferrari 512S that raced there until 1971. This era, immortalized in the 1971 cult classic film Le Mans starring Steve McQueen, was the base for the Spirit of Le Mans DLC for Project CARS 2 in 2018, which also came with LMP1 machinery of then-recent years.

What 1970s Exactly?​

However, the GT cars of that era that are already in the sim are a few years younger than that, so the Porsche 911 RSR 3.0 and the Chevrolet Corvette C3 R could hint at a mid-70s version. Meanwhile, cars from the early 200s could also feel at home in either the modern or 1990s version, depending on when the latter is set exactly. There are plenty of possibilities, not just for the top level of sports car racing of the respective times, but for the lower-tier classes that accompanied them as well.

Your Thoughts​

We want to know: What Le Mans content would you like to see in Automobilista 2 in 2024? Which of your favorite modern and classic cars are you hopeful of racing in the sim? Let us know in the comments below!
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The PC2 content being added is great and im sure it saves a bunch of time not having to remodel it all but I would love to see some other cars that are new, every big LMP generation has a lot of variety so they are spoilt for choice, perhaps a flurry of Panoz, Pescarolo, Courage etc etc. Not fussed about GT3, im not coming to AMS2 for that, ACC covers that very well, just want to see some unique stuff covered extensively
When Reiza first announced Le Mans, they said that it would come with 3 layouts, plus the cars to match:

Present Day

We have GTEs and GT3s for present day, we don't have WEC prototypes, which they said they would come.

90s, we have the late decade GT1s. We can expect either a reinforcement of cars for this class and a 97-99 layout, or a bunch of early 90s prototypes with a 91-96 layout. Personally, I would take the latter, would love to drive beasts like the XJR14, the 905, the C291, the TS010, etc.

70s is a more complicated one. The prospect of a 1971 layout with the Porsche 917k and the Ferrari 512S is enticing. But the template for the current layout was set in 1972, with those cars already banned, and the Porsche Curves installed, plus the double Ford Chicanes. That would fit a bunch of Prototype 3000 class like Ferrari 312P, Matra MS650/670, Porsche 908...but also the latter Group 5 and Group 6 classes. The latter does not interest me, but Gr5 was awesome. This layout stayed until 1978, but crucially the following year Tertre Rouge was reprofiled from a slow 90 degrees corner to a fast sweeper that resembles closely what it is nowadays. And it stayed like that until 1986, when a roundabout at Mulsanne forced the track to make a kink on the braking for that corner, that still remains. A 1979-1985 layout would be relevant for both Group 5 and Group C, and that would be my 70s choice.

If I had free choice besides what Reiza announced, 1986 and 1987 would be my layout choices. The kink braking into Mulsanne is iconic and a must for me, while the 87 one adds the Dunlop Chicane for an historically accurate layout for the Group C cars we have :)
Proper MP with driver swaps...everything else doesnt matter much ( apart from the track ofc ) if this isnt working ...
Would love to see some late 2000 cars! Talking about the R10 TDI, Porsche RS Spyder, Peugeot 908, Pescarolo 01...
Also, some modern LMP3 cars (Ligier JSP320, Ginetta G61-LT-P3 and Duqueine D-08) are much needed, although not racing in LeMans.
Lmdh is needed. Porsche 963, caddy and bmw m-hybrid are needed, and im hoping for peugeot as well.

Modern GT3? BMW M4 GT3, Mercedes AMG GT3 Evo, mclaren 720s gt3 evo and porsche 992 911 gt3.
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My prioritized wishlist would be
1.) Modern LMDH/GTP prototypes, (everything that can be licensed or made up in the fashion of the Formula US)
2.) All the stuff from PC2 Spirit of Le Mans
3.) Fix the Group C AI pitstops + Mazda 787B
4.) Circuit de La Sarthe with no chicanes from ~1989.
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The PCARS2 "Spirit of Le Mans" DLC included the following vehicles:

2016 Audi R18 (Fuji 2016)
2016 Audi R18 (Le Mans 2016)
1970 Ferrari 512 M
1970 Ferrari 512 S
1971 Porsche 917 LH
1980 Porsche 924 Carrera GTP
1986 Porsche 961
2016 Porsche 919 Hybrid
2016 Toyota TS050 Hybrid

and the following Le Mans track layouts:

24 Hours of Le Mans Circuit
Bugatti Circuit
1971 Circuit de la Sarthe

The modern-day la Sarthe circuit layout would be essentially the same in AMS2 as it was in PCARS2 given the timeline of track updates over the years; otherwise, Reiza definitely have the opportunity to include historical Le Mans variants (and historic race cars, for that matter) that do not directly overlap with PCARS2 content. If so, modders could feel more comfortable converting the majority of PCARS2 content ... and quite successfully, too, judging by the quality of current car and track mods for AMS2.

If it ever comes to that, I'll do my thing and make sure the proper drivers show up for the classic Le Mans start....
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I'd like this thing:

For me, anything historic is great, hopefully a good handful of 1970's prototypes, and I honestly don't care too much about the exact era, there were a lot of great cars throughout the decade.

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