WRC 23 or DiRT Rally 3.0? Who cares? It's Coming in Spring, Maybe!

As all you rally racing gamers should be aware of, EA has snatched the WRC license from Kylotonn starting 2023. That means EA will be publishing the rally racing games starting sometime next year. While that is a fact, apparently the first EA WRC game will already be coming in spring.

In stark contrast to current release schedules, EA is set to release its first WRC game in spring of 2023. This rumour comes after some reports from GamesIndustry.biz that Geoff Smith of EA will be overseeing WRC until spring, when the game is due to launch.

Why is this such a big surprise?

Until now, WRC games have been released at the end of the season. KT Racing has been following that release schedule dilligently.

On the other hand, we've got other yearly series from EA like F1, which only comes out every summer, so months later.

Keep in mind, though, this is only speculation. Nothing has been confirmed yet.

Should this rumour be real, however, it mean we could be playing the next WRC game in 3 months already!

So let me ask you this: Are you looking forward to the new game? What are your expectations for EA and Codemasters? Let us know in the comments down below!
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I genuinely hope they just kept developing what was meant to become DiRT Rally 3.0 and put WRC into that.

I also hope they have made it better for online competition. The work to make it a proper rally championship have felt quite unecessary at times.
I hope that they don't mess VR up. F1 22 has the worst VR of all race games/sims. Unusable with the jittery head movement. Even with the 4090 it's unusable because the implementation is flawed.

This while DR2 has great VR with forwarded rendering. I hope that it stays that way.
Like Ole, I am really looking forward and hoping for a title that supports online community rally championships. While it probably is not very high on any developers list, it would still make our day here at RD. Apart from that, I think the negativity related to this publisher or that publisher without ever having even gotten a bit of information on the title is ... negative. Bring it on, EA, hope it's a worthy successor to Dirt Rally 1 and 2; that said, I still haven't finished WRC08 and never got round to buying 09, 10 or legends, so plenty of stages still to do if this title gets delayed.
The question is, whether if it will be arcade or not. I can't recall any games published by EA being a simulator, regardless the developers.

Unless we consider NFS Shift a simulator :laugh:
I've seen people stating that Shift was a racing simulator, but then other people would claim that Gran Turismo is a simulator.
If we base our definition on the perceived quality of physics, you can be sure that none will agree. Also because there is no hard point to define what's in and what's out.
On the other hand both NFS and GT have always had an in-game economy system (buying cars, which introduces "unlocking" mechanics). Racing sims don't have that. You just drive.
This "arcade" etiquette, the whole "realism spectrum" idea... such BS.
finally Codemasters, the king of rally is back, Kylotonn games were so awfull.
Rally fan can smile, we have finally a good rally game every year !
Instant buy, take my money now !
Bye bye the awfull devs from KT studio :):):):)
It's what I have hoped since so many years !
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It's going to be a yearly release schedule isn't it.. "WRC 24"

They gotta make back that billion dollars they blew on Codies, so its time to start pumping them out :poop::poop::poop::poop::poop:

Codemasters had already done the deal before EA bought them. Codemasters have had yearly titles (with a small break between 07 and 09) since the 90's.

EA is awful, but yearly releases is a very typical Codemasters thing.
Could be very very fun if it has good VR support and some physics/FFB improvements over DR2.0.

I fired up DR2.0 last night for the first time in months and was startled by how godawful I had gotten with no practice. Won't stop me from buying 3.0...
It's probably going to be like DR in terms of content and execution, but with the addition of WRC. Meaning you will probably go through some kind of progress to end up in WRC.
Honestly though, i couldn't care less. I'm just gland we got rid of KT and went back to Codies. Even Dirt Rally 1 is better than any of KTs WRC titles, so even if it's worse than DR2.0, i bet it's going to be a lot better than KT's garbage.

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