WRC Generations: Rallies and Stages Revealed

We are moving fast to the release date of last WRC title developed by Nacon and now we finally have a clear picture of the content we will enjoy in this last instalment before the WRC license goes to EA and Codemasters.

In this brief note, developers declare that we will race through 165 stages on 21 locations covering a lot of rallies included in the past editions of this development cycle since WRC 5. There isn't any plan to add more location content afterwards, so we will enjoy everything from the beginning.


Hello drivers,

In WRC Generations you will play through 165 unique special stages set in 21 rallies, a compilation of most of the rallies which KT Racing has worked on since WRC 5. You can find the complete list at the bottom of this blog.

You will note that from the rallies we have released since WRC 5, two of them,
Rally Poland (last appeared in WRC 7 but partially available as the Test Area) and
Rally Australia (last appeared in WRC 8) won't be present in WRC Generations, we don't have plans to add them or additional rallies after the launch of the game on November 3.

2022 World Rally Championship
  • Rallye Monte-Carlo
  • Rally Sweden
  • Croatia Rally
  • Rally de Portugal
  • Rally Italia Sardegna
  • Safari Rally Kenya
  • Rally Estonia
  • Rally Finland
  • Ypres Rally Belgium
  • Acropolis Rally of Gods
  • Rally New Zealand
  • Rally de España
  • Rally Japan
Bonus Rallies
  • Rally Argentina
  • Rally Chile
  • Rallye Deutschland
  • Rally México
  • Rally Sanremo
  • Tour de Corse
  • Rally Turkey
  • Wales Rally GB
Are you excited about this release? Let us know in the comments below what you think of this upcoming rally title?
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I would have loved to drive in the wrc series in vr.
Unfortunate the current offering is dirt rally where i all ready know all the stage, and RBR that never gets old for the number of mods available (including vr), WRC series would been a nice addition to the vr sim library.
Recycling deluxe.
Not worth any cent.
Burnt my fingers with this devs so they do not deserve any cent.
The problems are known so i dont wanna waste time to list them.
KT and especially Nacon has a big mouth but thats all.
Zero support or long life care about their games.
Just fire and forget next title, that all.
But people will buy this crap again....
I mean all i see is old content being made out as "bonus" content.

To me this seems super basic.

Also VR heads why? Maybe you will enjoy a change. not everything has to have VR.
with my gamepad, it will be perfect, I don't want this game on my simucube 2.
The main issue for me is the 60hz or 120hz, without any VRR or gsync possible....
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As someone who does not currently own a title in the WRC series, I find this game an exciting prospect. I can understand why others might be frustrated by "recycling", but for me, it's actually perfect - I can get all sorts of content in a single package. This many stages, alongside the physics strides they've been making from WRC 8 through WRC 10, seems fantastic.

BUT... what I ultimately am looking for from a Kylotonn WRC series title is a well-balanced, optimized single player experience against AI - especially the career mode. Everything else, I can get from RSF RBR. So I hope the WRC Generations devs have put more time than previous versions into bugfixes and AI performance calibration. And if they haven't, I hope modders can get around whatever encryption etc. is there, get into the AI text files, and balance the AI for us (like Stephen Bailey did with WRC 9).

If the AI is ridiculously unbalanced by default (as I suspect it will be) and if there's no way uncovered to get into the files and fix it, I'll have a difficult decision on my hands. Go with WRC Generations for the presumably better physics and greater number of stages? Or go with WRC 9, where you still get solid physics, many great stages (esp. Kenya and Japan), and we can at least have somewhat better balanced AI thanks to the community? Hmm.
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It looks more and more like this game is basically just going to be the content of 8, 9, and 10 combined. All three of those games were unfinished, unsupported hunks of junk.... but hey maybe all three combined will finally add up to one fully finished game! KT Racing quite simply were never equipped to make annual releases and I'm glad this yearly cycle of disappointment is finally over.
I found WRC10 had great FFB and with the Dirt Rally 2 workaround for telemetry, it felt great. As long as the DR2 emulator works again in this version to provide telemetry for bass shakers, it'll be a buy for me. I don't have VR but I can see how those who do, won't touch this game. I hope the developers wise up and at least provide telemetry. Driving games feel dead and boring without my five Buttkickers rattling!
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I've always wondered if it's just the locations that are the same each year, or is it the actual stages that are recycled for each game? I own WRC 7 & 10, and I've not touched either of them hardly at all, simply due to time. But if I own 10, unless there is a massive increase in actual car control, physics, mesh from the stages, etc, it's probably not worth bothering with Generations if all the content (actual routes) from the previous games is being rehashed.
Wonder how many new stages it will have? I thought I read something about new Rally Sweden stages, hopefully there are more. I can only do the same stages over and over so many times before I'm bored with them.
The addition of "most rallies since WRC 5" is nice, it just would've been nice to have all the cars/teams of the past games alongside that, a truly comprehensive collection ala what EA did with F1 Challenge 99-02 back in the days
As DR2 is my most-played game, and I’m still a long way from getting bored with it, I’m likely to take a wait-and-see approach to this. I’d like to try Generations, but probably not at full price, I’m afraid. I tried out WRC8 for free and the physics just didn’t seem right to me, so maybe I’ll just wait until Codemasters take over the franchise.
I loved WRC 10, unfortunately the issues when using multiple controls (SC2 + wheel + handbrake + shifter + pedals) required too much effort and made me stop playing it.
I found the physics on par with dirt, even superior on tarmac, and the stages are so much better!
I hope they solve the controls issues with this title before the franchise gets back to codemasters (and hope codemasters will use the madness engine for it)

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