1. colephelps1

    Mercedes AMG GT Black Series Safety Car Mod Beta

    Hello everyone! One more mod for F1 2014 and today i bring for you guys the Mercedes AMG GT Black Series Safety Car, wich is being used in F1 since 2022. Hope you guys enjoy it! This is a BETA version for the mod, so, note that some visual bugs can appear. This mod is originally made from...
  2. NotTheReallife

    Hyundai MyTeam [Full Team Package][Modular Mods] 1

    MyTeam Hyundai Motorsport This mod works with Modular Mods and uses the Alpha Tauri chassis. This mods includes: - The car livery - driversuit and teamwear - full team package - team badge - helmet - helmets for Theo Pourchaire, Daniel Ticktum, Liam Lawson (manual install) I'd like to...
  3. SiP

    NISSAN Pennzoil Fic. FIXED MyTeam Modular Mods 1.0

    My Team Nissan Pennzoil use ModularMods for install This is the first version for the FOM chassis of the NISSAN PENNZOIL Mod (NISSAN PENNZOIL NewVerson v5.x). It was never updated and not working anymore. I was asked to fix it, so here we go. Everything should work fine now, :thumbsup:working...
  4. SiP

    Lotus F1 Fic. MyTeam Modular Mods 1.2

    Lotus F1 Team #Car #Helmet #Driversuit #Badge (paintable) #Teampack + LECLERC Lotus Helmet + TSUNODA Lotus Helmet >! there will be updates (next update: v1.3-teampack quality update) INSTALL: use MODULAR MODS Put all ".erp" files from "Season - 1(MER)" folder into ur "_ACTIVE" folder. lg SIP
  5. S

    2023 Mercedes Concept [Modular Mod] PATCH 1.15 COMPATIBILITY 2022-12-10

    What would the W14 Mercedes look like for 2023 if Mercedes abandoned their zero-sidepot design? It's the new 3D model of the AlphaTauri from SportsUpdate 1.15. Actually, I wanted to exchange the 3D model of the Mercedes with the 3D model of the AlphaTauri. I didn't manage this. Maybe someone...
  6. S

    2023 Ferrari Concept [Modular Mod] PATCH 1.15 COMPATIBILITY 1.0

    I was wondering what a Ferrari with the Red Bull Aero design would look like. This is how the mod was born. It's the old 3D model from RedBull. Before SportsUpdate 1.15. Actually, I wanted to exchange the 3D model of the Ferrari with the 3D model of the RedBull. I didn't manage this. Maybe...
  7. SiP

    PORSCHE Motorsport Season 1-3 Fic. MyTeam Modular Mods 3.1

    My Team PORSCHE Motorsport F1 use MODULA MODS for install ! put the .erp files from the zip. file´s SEASON 1(2 or 3) folder into ur "_ACTIVE" folder. DO NOT edit, reupload or use this mod for streaming without permission. # CAR Season 1 ( Ferrari Chassis ) # CAR Season 1 RED Version (...
  8. SiP

    TEAM PENSKE Fic. MyTeam Modular Mods 1.1

    My Team TEAM PENSKE use MODULA MODS for install ! just put the .erp files from the zip. file into ur "_ACTIVE" folder. #CAR ( Mercedes Chassis ) #DRIVERSUIT ( simple v1 ) #BADGE Just give a lil feedback if u guys like the idea. if u do so, ill spend some time on it for a few updates...
  9. SiP

    AUDI SPORT F1 5Seasons/5Chassis Fic. MyTeam Modular Mods 5X

    Audi Sport F1 use MODULA MODS for install ! put the .erp files from the zip. file´s SEASON ( eg. season 1) folder into ur "_ACTIVE" folder. Mod is working on the latest patch. make sure everything is up to date. SEASON 1 (ALP) SEASON 2 (FER) SEASON 3 (WIL) SEASON 4 (MER) SEASON 5 (AT)...
  10. colephelps1

    F1 2022 Chassis 1.3.1

    LEAVE A REVIEW! Big thanks to @rafiq217 for converting this model. Hello guys, another mod, and today it's the fix of the model converted by rafiq, made by TheoDev ( This new chassis contain: - Entire new UV...
  11. colephelps1

    F2 Dallara Chassis 1.0

    Hi folks. This mod is made for modders who have a F2 Chasssis to work with. This mod take a lot of time in my life, so if you use the chassis to create a mod, just give me the credits. BACKUP YOUR FILES! INSTRUCTIONS: 1- How to use/mod 2- Informations 3- Bugs/Minor Fixes 4- Screenshots...
  12. Karamba115

    Mercedes W11 Silver Arrow Livery [W11 Chassis Swap] 1.0

    This mod bring the silver arrow Mercedes W11 livery from 2020 into F1 2021. -replaced the W12 chassis with W11 with simple line argument tweaks -repainted the area around the air intake because the W11 model used in F1 2021 is post July 26, 2020 update from F1 2020. This results in the "Ineos"...
  13. Smokey17


    Hi everyone! After download 2021 Season Mod from Thang Nguyen I realized that the only flaw in this mod is the outdated Alpin team chassis. The 2013 version of the chassis is not very similar to modern cars, so I tried to adapt the livery to the current RB10 chassis. Since F1 2013 and F1 2014...

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