AUDI SPORT F1 5Seasons/5Chassis Fic. MyTeam Modular Mods

AUDI SPORT F1 5Seasons/5Chassis Fic. MyTeam Modular Mods 5X

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Audi Sport F1

use MODULA MODS for install ! put the .erp files from the zip. file´s SEASON ( eg. season 1) folder into ur "_ACTIVE" folder.

Mod is working on the latest patch.
make sure everything is up to date.

Season 1.jpg

Season 2.jpg

Season 3.jpg

Season 4.jpg

Season 5.jpg

crew 1.jpg

crew 3.jpg

//.. if u wanna run a different combo of season car, teampack, suit or helmet, just take the ".erp" files (e.g.:helmet_myteam.erp for the helmet) from different season folders and put them together in ur "_ACTIVE" folder.

original set by me :
S1+S2 : black suits, teampack and helmet
S3+S4+S5 : white suits, teampack and helmet*
*S4 :
red helmet

have fun ,
=) SIP
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Latest updates

  1. Season 5 update

    final season 5 update
  2. Season 3 black teampack added

    #Season 3 teampack added #+few little quality updates lg SIP
  3. Season 3 B-Version added

    #CAR Season 3 B-Version added

Latest reviews

you can change chassis too
Nice job, thanks for that
10/10, this has to be one of the best mods I've seen for F1 22, the quality of this mod is outstanding, a must have! thank you for your efforts.
Thx man
absolutely awesome
Another Banger mod 5/5. Different liveries for multiple seasons makes the game feel fresh every season. Hoping for more gems from you in the future.
This is the best mod i have ever seen. congrtulations mate, im waiting for more seasons... JAJAJAJA
Excellent mod realy enjoyed it so far
But can you add a redbull with the red and black, no grey color that would be sick
Toller Mod
Schöne Lakierung
Nur eine Bitte
Könntest du den Aston Martin als Audi bringen
Und mach weiter so
Car and livery does not show up, nut everything else does. How do i fix it?
But anyway, this is probably the best mod ive ever seen
Amazing mod bro and I am amazed that you managed to mix four chassis in one mod. one request would it be possible for you to make a version of the official Audi livery for each chassis to give it more realism and for us to have more options
TOP 3 Best mods I've ever seen BIG UP MATE luv your work !!!!
Your MyTeam mods are so amazing! It's expecially great to have different designs for different seasons!
Such an awesome mod. Especially with the 4 seasons idea. Keep it up dude!!
Gets better and better with each update. Loving the different choice of chassis and they all look fantastic!
Thx m8 , glad u like it, =)
So damn good all cars look sick you did a great job
Thank u sir =)
Alpine one is awesome man omg love it !
Man, this is great! Keep up the great work, will send you some money the next days. Awesome job!
Loving the mod mate specially now with the mercedes chassie. but you have to watch sponseres on the car (Richard Mille)(Oris) there should only be one :) Keep op the good work
Thx m8 ,
Yea good point.
I think you should decrease the usage of red color and use silver grey instead of red.
hello and possible to do with the ferrari chassis it would be top mod

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