2023 Ferrari Concept [Modular Mod] PATCH 1.15 COMPATIBILITY

2023 Ferrari Concept [Modular Mod] PATCH 1.15 COMPATIBILITY 1.0

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I was wondering what a Ferrari with the Red Bull Aero design would look like. This is how the mod was born.
It's the old 3D model from RedBull. Before SportsUpdate 1.15.

Actually, I wanted to exchange the 3D model of the Ferrari with the 3D model of the RedBull. I didn't manage this. Maybe someone else can finish it.
Maybe another modder who knows how to do a chassi swap can complete the mod.

If you install the mod now, the RedBull will become a "Ferrari".
I didn't want my time investment to go to waste. That's why I'm publishing it.

Have fun with. It still has a few decal and livery errors.




For the installation with Modular Mod you need the Modular - Base File.

You can use this mod with your own mod. Only with credits please.

It's just the car livery.
It was actually only intended for personal use.

Just don't reuse it and upload it as ur own.


Modular Mod/Maian

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The car is good but it goes to the redbull team

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