PORSCHE Motorsport Season 1-3 Fic. MyTeam Modular Mods

PORSCHE Motorsport Season 1-3 Fic. MyTeam Modular Mods 3.1

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My Team PORSCHE Motorsport F1
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use MODULA MODS for install ! put the .erp files from the zip. file´s SEASON 1(2 or 3) folder into ur "_ACTIVE" folder.

DO NOT edit, reupload or use this mod for streaming without permission.
# CAR Season 1 ( Ferrari Chassis )
# CAR Season 1 RED Version ( Ferrari Chassis )
# CAR Season 2 ( Mercedes Chassis )
# CAR Season 3 ( Aston-Martin Chassis )
S1 2.jpg
S1 7.jpg
S1 1.jpg

:O_o: there will be updates! not all car numbers included atm, pls post any number request and i put it in with the next update.

make sure u got everything up to date, if there are any bugs, just let me know and i ll try to fix it.

check UPDATES to see Season 2/3 car pics ,... i can only add 10pics :O_o:

Season 1 RED Version added

hope u like it , have fun :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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Latest updates

  1. Season 1 RED Version

    # Season 1 CAR RED Version # DRIVERSUIT # HELMET # TEAMPACK RED Version
  2. Season 3 update

    #Season 3 added ! there is still an "aston" logo at the back of the steering wheel, there will...
  3. Season 2 update

    #Season 2 added

Latest reviews

Everything else works fine except the livery for some reason I cant find the livery file could you please let me know what i have to do?
Hi, thx
Its not shown in any showroom, chassis swap! U can see it on track and in ur myteam mode's backgroundanimations.
It has no effect which livery on the FOM car u choose, u ll get the mod car on track.
any chance you could add the number 40? please and thank you
can you help me pls I copy paste the all files to active folder but I cant find the car livery
Thank you for your mod work. I liked it very much. Very successful! :)
Awesome!! I really love how you always implement different chassis, that's gotta take a lot of hard work and skills. Also, i love that this Porsche is so unique than the rest, yours is more vibrant in colours and sponsors. Big fan since your Audi.. still using audi merc.. lol thanks.. btw can we hope to see a McLaren fomswap for next season?? All in all, thanks and as always, fantastic work!!
Hey.m8 thanks a lot man .
Yea i was playing around with the MCL already but its a bit like the RB and ALFA, but ill find a way for sure .
Lg sip
Very nice!..I like it. Question. Is it normal that in the Custom option inside the game it shows the default FIA car and not the car you modded? I'm just curious. Other than that this is really a nice mod and thank you, much appreciate your hard work for us to enjoy!
Yes . its not shown in any showroom. Only on trackban and the myteam background animations
It's another great MyTem mod! Well done Mate!
Can u make this copy&Paste
Hello bro, what a good job, beautiful, I wanted to ask if it is possible to do this same livery but with red color instead of blue?, thanks for your beautiful work.
How do i install it?
Man your previous My Team mod with Audi was outstanding and this idea to have a different livery with different chassis for every season is GREAT, keep going!
THANKS m8 , have fun with it =)
Really good skin! Would be cool if we could colorise all elements! Great choice if we speak about chassis. Love Ferrari one!
Thx , glad u like it =)
I really like your mods mate i dont even know how you did this on the ferrari chassis great job well done
Thanks man ;-)

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