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  1. PHIZM

    PHIZM - LCS (Linear Color Space) - PPFILTER for new CSP alpha 03

    ------------------- How this PPFILTER looks using the new CSP with Linear Color Space: ------------------> PPFILTER for the new Linear Color Space. For the new CSP 0.2.3.preview211 INSTALL: .ini File goes to: assettocorsa\system\cfg\ppfilters Choose the name in ppfilters section in Content...
  2. Furious Arts

    Furious Arts Vision | L.O.N.F.A - Love Only Natural F*** Artificial | PP Filter V1

    Welcome to Furious Arts Vision. L.O.N.F.A - Love Only Natural F*** Artificial This PP Filter work only with Pure and from CSP 2.3 to the most recent. Installation: Juste drop the "extension" & "system" folder forp the ZIP file to the ROOT folder of Asseto Corsa. Once game launched in Pure...
  3. bohoa

    Make WRC Look AND Run Great + No More Flashbang Home Screen 1.03.1

    Go from Default Scalability.ini to Custom Scalability.ini Just adjust the in game settings under Advanced Graphics. The config is editable to your own values. Post Processing is the most visually important setting in this config. This .ini contains numerous visual and performance related...
  4. gootek303

    Gootek F1TV Reshade (NIGHT+DAY) v1.5

    VERSION 1.0 INSTALLATION GUIDE INCLUDED Want to support me further? Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to help me reach 1K! Screenshots: DAY TIME PRESET NIGHT TIME PRESET
  5. Fibo2006

    Realistic Graphics FBPP Savvas 4.1

    While making these settings i took a real photo of a car as a reference and then tweaked a few settings to make it look like the photo. In the future i want to improve with auto exposure because when inside of a car its 10x brighter for some reason. I only tried it with pure and dont have any...
  6. Codealize

    Emulate (deprecated) 1.0

    Emulate has been deprecated. Thank you for supporting this project. You can still download the last version.
  7. NoobSoldier26

    Noob's Grid Graphics mod 1.0

    Noob's GRID Graphics Mod Firstly I posted here, Because there was no category for the First grid. If you like Grid but hate this yellow filter, This is the mod for you. Features -No reshade needed -Bathurst dlc support -It does not remove any post proccesing -Reduced Bloom -Better colors...
  8. bart99p

    DYST_real PPF 1.6

    Realistic PPF (post-processing filter) for Assetto Corsa. This filter is quite bright, colors are a bit "washed" and the F aperture is very low so things in background are blurry. Quite hard on fps, can be used for photo mode, replays and driving. Version adjusted for pure...
  9. gandalfthedwarf

    Bliss - ReShade for rFactor2 INI File 1.1

    [Accidentally put this in rFactor, not rFactor2 *facepalm*] Updated for Q2 2022, this ReShade file is built to enhance the rf2 graphics experience in day, night, rain, or shine. Please watch my YouTube videos if you need help installing these! Unzip, then place in your Bin64 folder ATTENTION...


    CREDITS:RIDE 4 GAME official website: https://ridevideogame.comspecial thanks to the creator of the fantastic post-processing tool that has allowed me to cr...


    No Helmet (Widescreen Helmet Fix) V1.1 4 GAME official website: ht...
  12. Andrei Mircea Bălan

    Z cinematic color grading ppfilters Pack 1 1.4.192

    Hello everyone, today I am excited to share my take on filters for Assetto Corsa. **These are my very first ppfilters made in the first 2-3 months of playin' Assetto Corsa, so keep that in mind. I recommend using either Sol 2.2 or Pure 0.2.6/0.2.7 as well as CSP 1.7.6 preview 92 (from x4fab) -...
  13. NoobSoldier26

    DiRT Colin Mcrae Dirt - Graphics mod

    I like Dirt but I don't like the way it looks. So I made this mod. Download mod from my drive: Click here :3 This Mod, Makes this game looks best as ever! I'm using my own effect files to change the graphics. It allows me to tune the art direction, without removing any post processing. V2.2...
  14. vadhil

    AMS Polyphony SweetFX Preset 220421

    This is a SweetFX preset addon... A solid graphics colors with horizon depth ambient and also made it comfort for eyes with NO YELLOWing the TONE a bit, so its all enhanced original colors... In-game footage cars and tracks used: - Ford GT LM 2017 - Lotus Evora LM 2012 - Lamborghini Huracan...
  15. vanbeats

    ARC Filter (ppfilter) 1.1

    Apollo Racing Club Official Assetto Corsa ppfilter - created by Van Beats Hi everyone, I'm Van Beats and this is my first ppfilter creation for Assetto Corsa! This filter is intended to work both for pictures, videos, and on-board racing! Below are examples from myself and Flyboy from Sakura...
  16. MAdCaL1993

    Better Static Reflection Cubemap 1.0

    A quick kn5 edit that's meant for those who use static reflections for squeezing those extra bit of FPS. It gets rid of the treeline in the horizon of the reflection cubemap because it breaks the immersion especially when paired with a low reflection resolution. BEFORE: Notice the treeline in...
  17. GTAce

    Solstice - Graphics Mod with Realism in Mind 6.0

    DISCLAIMER: Graphics mods, ReShade presets and PPFilters are always a matter of taste. I'm not saying this is the best mod out there, but I personally like my settings more than anything available. Anyway, this is Solstice, my personal enhancement for Sol and the Custom Shaders Patch. Its...
  18. el_mattpro

    Inmersive Filter - ACC style + SOL + RESHADE [Photorealism] v13

    V13 Work In Progress - Preview Inmersive Filter v13 - Test (WIP) by Mateo De Bonis, en Flickr Video Preview: How do i take Screenshots? Paypal In case you think is worth for a Donation, i'll post the Donate link below, it'll be very helpfull due to the economy problems we are having in...
  19. Bernd Graf

    WINTER season for Assetto Corsa tracks 0.1

    We've had the green of summer for all AC tracks since 2014...then Joshkerr brought us the autumn, get ready for a third season--Winter! Yes friends, and it's not that bizarre snow-type appearance. This is based on the kind of weather common in Europe Feb - April. I plan to...
  20. Lamamba

    F1 2017 NEW Natural Enhancer 1.1

    Welcome to the brand new Natural Enhancer Combined the old strengths of Natural Enhancer with a new fresh, bright and crisp image NATURAL ENHANCER FEATURES Soft shadows Nice colour tone Bright and crisp image Sharper textures Please rate this mod to improve it :) CINEMATIC ENHANCER...

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