WINTER season for Assetto Corsa tracks

WINTER season for Assetto Corsa tracks 0.1

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We've had the green of summer for all AC tracks since 2014...then Joshkerr brought us the autumn, get ready for a third season--Winter!

Yes friends, and it's not that bizarre snow-type appearance. This is based on the kind of weather common in Europe Feb - April.

I plan to do as many tracks as I have time for...for changelog 0.1, I have two, Monza and Nordschleife.

Now, for some street cred: real videos from which I take my creative inspiration :D

No more talking...just download the mod and immerse yourself!


Latest reviews

Wow beautiful ... Really nice !!

But I thought the summer version will continue to be available. But it seems that it has been replaced.

Or did I do something wrong?
wow thanks by the work and sharing!!
Amazing transformation, absolutely loved it, i did a comparison video of all the seasons at monza with you're mod included to hopefully draw some further attention it deserves.
Your mod It's just fantastic looking. Now look at what the guys of ADF Corse are creating: all AC tracks with wet conditions! Imagine your winter textures and their wet conditions... you might collaborating with them!
Club Staff
Monza looks beautiful with naked trees and a low winter sun.
Very nice work.
Fantastic work!! Thank you :*
beautiful and amazing job, thank you! a perfect off-season feeling, i'd call it late autumn (november).
in some places i got scary feelings in VR cause i saw a void behind the trees:) anyway, here is my video with the mod :)
a fantastic job
the most beautiful
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
More coming as I have time, I hope to have all tracks done...tall order working 80 hours a week haha, but we shall see!
beautiful but I have a comment. in monza should be some trees with leaves because not all species drop leaves in winter
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Hi Maxi, thanks for your review. I realize's why I left one of the conifers in the files...some of this comes down to artistic interpretation of colors and the track lacks enough tree samples imho, I chose to use all bare trees, since my tests with a mixture of foliage and no foliage didn't have quite enough of a wintery feel.
Looks very real. Great for November to March! Great work, thanks!
Very nice job you made. I am estonished what is possible for reallity. I have experiance with gtr2 and evo but never have seen such a nice surrounding area. I know the Nordschleife by reality. Nice Job!!!!
astonish real. Confirms my bad winter-mood. Many thx
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
You are welcome! Many more tracks to come!
Very good Monza is a breath of fresh air with these new textures. Can you do Barcelona ? will feel like winter testing :)
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Hi Stepy, thank you! I've had trouble finding adequate reference images for making a winter Barcelona...if you could post some to my email, I would be grateful!
Good work. Wide landscape and horizon .... THX
5 Stars for you
cool work love it
Thanks Bernd for your fantastic and hard job.....cheers !
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
It is time-consuming...serious respect for Simone who made the tracks from scratch! The horizon trees...omg, all handwork to put the trees together in a natural, randomized way :)
Fantastic! Thank you, much appreciated.

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