MONT VENTOUX Hillclimb 1.0

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Do we really need to present the MONT-VENTOUX hill climb?



It was contested on the road linking the village of Bédoin to the summit of MONT-VENTOUX from 1902 to 1976 over a 21.5km course going from 296m altitude to 1908m!

Then from 1988 to 2007 on a reduced route going from the hamlet “Les bruns” (529m) to the Reynard chalet (1428m). This is the version I am offering today. Hoping to one day be able to make a historical version.



The race traditionally took place in mid-June. It is important to set the date of your session to AC on this date to have the right light, consistent with reality.

The track is very detailed : vegetation, HD texture for the surroundings of the road, 2500 3D spectators, and each roadside is absolutely identical to reality without ever being copied and recopied for kilometers. Also the file is quite heavy but the beta tester friends had no problem with optimization. You can run with 49 simultaneous AIs without any problem!



50 pits are installed and you can ride very well in “Weekend / “Practice” or “Qualification” mode against 49 AI…


Watch out for piles of tires packaged in white plastic bags. I had no other solution on AC than to make them “collide”… so be careful not to come close to them!



Any conversion, transformation, re-creation is absolutely prohibited.

On the other hand, the creation of camtools and skins of cars that participated in this race will be appreciated!


Latest reviews

I felt like I was there. Thank you.
Merci mec !
Je reconnais tellement de détail, la vu du Mont juste après l'arrivée, les spectateurs les voitures au bord.. J'en rêvais tellement de ce mod ! <3
Beautiful hillclimb, thanks!
Muy guapa, gracies guaje!
Amazing job thankyou, feels like a real privilege to experience tracks like this!
Great work and like driving the real route
Great track and amazing work. Thank you for sharing
Magnifique travail ! très réaliste ! merci.
Thank You!
can't wait to see the second part up to the top !
Can only recommend this track stunning visuals and course, thank u for this masterpiece
increíble trabajo de acabado del entorno
Fantastic, thanks. The scenery makes more memorable corners. A pleasure to drive. Well done!
Beautiful track! Race against the AI (tested with 23 Opponents @ 66% Aggression !!!) works really well. Lights for night racing would also be nice... Thank's for your work!
merci !
Thank you very much
Bravo et Merci !!
Excellent detailed rendering of asphalt, soil, objects & grass, it's like a sneak peak into an AC 2 track! Keep sharing your expertise to lucky us.
Best work of Jcrr in terms of quality and graphics so far. He is an artist and he keeps bettering. Maybe not my favourite layout among his tracks (I prefer more twisted tracks like Muracciole), but real excellent work.
best track ive seen in ages keep up the good work

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