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Col de Fouchy 1.1

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Dear Assetto's racer,

I'm glad to offer you my first mod, that I keep for my personnal use since too many times.

This track is the col de Fouchy in France, more precisely in Alsace. This road connects Rombach-le-Franc to Fouchy, by a narrow and technical moutain road.

For this mod I've tried to be the closest to the real road as I can.
I don't try to reproduce villages or real house near the road, I simply use basic house.

I really hope that you gonna enjoy this track.

Here's a driving on the V1.0 of this track :

My current replay cam have some bug so I highly recommend you to download the replay cam created by mclver

Feel free to share your feedback or report problem about my mod, it could be really useful for me to improve my future mods on which I currently work.

Thank you in advance and have fun !!
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  2. Col de Fouchy V1.0

    Hello dear Asseto's racer, Here's the changelog V1.0 of the Col de Fouchy : - Addition of...
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Latest reviews

When I try to play on the CSP preview 211, it freezes and I can't get into the course. 211 is not allowed?
For the CSP version 0.2.2 or 0.2.3 will normally work
Wow - awesome work , the track is pretty difficult to master as it's narrow most of the time. Love the bends, elevation and overall graphics ( textures) Does push my PC to work a bit hard , haha !
Thanks for the comment
no run 1.1. What csp i need?
I think it will wortk with the last csp 0.2.2
very very nice ..thank you very much
Thank you for the comment and enjoy this track !
Thanking you for your constant work in updating this track, I ask a simple question, "if I wanted to use this track for an online race, I couldn't since there are only two pit pits" and on average in a hillclimb race, drivers who enjoy this type of racing abound, how could the problem be solved?
Thanks for the comment, I'm happy if you enjoy my mod.
For the pit when I've create this mod I never planned to run with more than 1 AI, eventually, I can modify the pit file.
En haut-rhinois expat dans le bas-rhin je ne peux qu'apprécier, surtout qu'elle passe super bien en vr, ce qui n'est malheureusement pas le cas de celle que tu as fait de Thannenkirch (faut des lod je pense).
Super boulot en tout cas, chapeau ;)
Merci VHF pour le commentaire, ça me fait plaisir si tu as apprécier Fouchy et désolé si Thannenkirch ne t'as pas autant convaincu, j'ai d'autre mod ou MAJ de mod qui sont en route :)
Fine work! Could you please post the length of the track?
Thank you for the comment Erik, the track made about 7,9 Km in lenght.
Au top merci !
Mais de rien !
Incroyable je l'ai fait encore hier irl à moto très beau travail
Merci ça fait plaisir ! J'ai essayer au max de faire quelque chose qui ressemble dans le grosse ligne à cette route.
Great and fun map, it really shows the love you put doing it. Thank you very much, I'll keep an eye on your future releases. As always a big thank you to you and every modder that makes AC the great SIM nowadays is. Cheers
Thank you for your comment, I've try to make my best for this mod and I'm happy that you appreciated my mod and I hope that you gonna enjoy my best track !
this man created a perfect map for the uphill and narrow road fans, onestly i like it too,the graphics is literally out of mind, looks so real for me, keep going with it man you are doing nice
Thank you so much for those comment, I'm so happy that some assetto's racer enjoy the work that I've done, thank you again
Awesome graphics dude , good job. Keep it up.
Thank you for the comment, I've work hard to have a beautiful track and I'm happy that you enjoy this !
Very great track.
I love these kind of track, narrow but fast.
the layout 1 is perfect even if the cam doesn't work correctly.
Don't understand the utility of hiostorical layout, whitout working hotlap !
I hope we will have some improvement to have one of the best hillclimb track for AC.

PS : Greating from France ;-)
Thank you for the comment, I'm sorry if there's still a bug in the historic layout.
Despite this bug, I'm happy that you enjoy this track and hope you gonna enjoy too my next mod !
If RD had 7 stars, I'd give it. When it comes to driving feel, very few tracks come close. Great job!
Thank you for this comment, I'm really happy if you find that my track is good, thanks !
Very fun track! Road texture feels great, and the varying elevation and turns gives it a lot of personality.
Thanks for the comment, and I hope that you gonna enjoy too my future mod
Salut, pas de soucis, en tout cas si besoins de photos / vidéos à un moment je reste disponible. Juste une question supplémentaire, est-ce que ce serait possible de rajouter un 3ème layout avec le départ et l'arrivée situés la ou avait lieu la course de cote à l'époque ?
J'ai une vue globale du tracé de la course avec ces informations si besoin.
Encore merci pour ce super mod.
Salut, un layout qui reprends le tracé de l'ancienne course de côte, pourquoi pas, ça peut être sympatique. Si tu as arriverais à me fournir des infos sur le départ et l'arrêt de cette course de côte ça m'intéresserait bien, et de rien pour ce mod.
Wow ! Je passe à Fouchy quasiment tous les jours, quelle surprise ! Merci !
Mais de rien !! et ça fait plaisir si ce tracé est une bonne surprise !
Little rally stage with some elevation and a lot of fun.
I made a camtool for it. I will upload it soon

Thank you
Thank for the comment and for the camtool, i've see it today, it is great, thank you !
Nice drive. Looking forward to some cam updates but great road. Thanks...
Thank you for the comment, I'm happy if you enjoy this track. Sorry for the wrong replay cam but mclver has created a camtool which is great, here's the link
Thanks a lot for this mod !
I'm living like 5 km from Fouchy so it was a really nice surprise to see this mod.
In case you need pictures or videos from real place to improve the track I can provide you some.
Thank you race.toine, I'm happy if it was a nice surprise and I hope that you enjoy this mod. I've made this mod because I live in Alsace and I've drove a few times on this road.
For the moment, I've don't plan to make a great rework of the track but thank for the offer.

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