1. J

    Ferrari F40 40th anniversary 1.0

    Hello everyone, I share my first skin from my collection, I decided to make this one public for everyone to enjoy. This skin was made to pay tribute to Ferrari as thanks for giving us such a awesome machines for 70+ years as this specific car is special itself since it was to celebrate 40th...
  2. M

    Lancia 037 1984 Martini Livery 1.5

    A livery mod for the Lancia 037 in the proper Martini colours. Names and numbers on the side for Alen/Kivimaki Installation Follow this tutorial to enable the installation of modded .pak files. Then, unzip the .rar archive and drop the file into your WRC "Paks" folder. If playing through...
  3. C

    RWD Design LMP Pack 1.0

    Finally I'm able to present you 2 new Le mans Prototypes for AC: The RWD-Fenix P30-6 and the RWD-Fenix P20-4:) Both cars were designed by @Ryno917 for Project Cars as a new, fictional car brand to bring more variability to the LMP1 and 2 classes. Ryno wanted to have those cars in AC too and got...
  4. Ryno917

    2023 Fenix 30-6 Chinook 0.9

    After only 3 and a half years of on and (mostly) off work, with a helluva lot of support from several people, I’m finally ready to unleash this little beast on the world. An antidote to the modern automotive industry, the 2023 Fenix 30-6 Chinook is a pint-sized mid engined sports car for the...
  5. W

    Suzuki Cappuccino Turbo Hayabusa 2.09

    This is a Suzuki Cappuccino with a turbocharged Hayabusa engine! If you ever wanted to know what this would be like to drive, this is the mod for you. I spent about 40 hours making this car perfect to drive. Default settings are how I designed it to be experienced, however you can change almost...

    MG MGF 1.8i/VVC Throphy 0.15

    Mod Includes MGF 1.8i (Mpi) 120hp + Hardtop variant MGF 1.8i Tuned 135hp, custom airscoops, K&H splitter, mudguards MGF VVC Throphy 160hp + Hardtop variant MGF VVC Throphy Tuned 180hp, limited slip differential Details Total Mass: 1120kg (1050kg + 70kg Driver weight) Weight Distribution...
  7. E

    1983 Mitsubishi GJ Sigma Wagon 1.0

    This is a deliberately low quality initial effort as my first mod. About the car: Mitsubishi's fourth iteration of the Galant Σ/Eterna Σ debuted many new innovations for Mitsubishi. The car was sold as the Mitsubishi Galant in most export markets, although in both Australia and New Zealand it...
  8. Stereo

    Chinook Mk. 2 1.0

    Introduction It feels like more than the two years it's been. At the end of 2019, I ran a short poll on Race Department. I had a short list, half a dozen racecars I'd like to make. After anonymizing them by series/class to avoid everyone voting for the Ferrari, one very persistent user voted...
  9. CRLHistoricsModding

    Lotus Type 33 1965 Liveries 1.0

    Coming in hot to continue the Classic Team Lotus parade are the pair of liveries for the Lotus Type 33 driven by Mike Spence and Jim Clark in 1965! These liveries were a blast, and are used on Legion's wonderful Lotus 33 Climax, full credit to him for a wonderful car! Donations are much...
  10. hipole

    Vento Uno 1.0.1

    -------------------------- 01/07/2022 Now v1.0.1 has been released, thanks for all your suggestions. We have fixed most of them. Please refer to the updates page for more information. -------------------------- Vento Uno(Chao Feng-Xu) is a Concept race car designed and engineered by HiPole...
  11. SATLAB

    Benz Patent-Motorwagen (1886) v. 0.5

    1886 Benz Patent-Motorwagen (Velociped) VERY IMPORTANT: You need to install CSP (Active car instruments) to use this car! Otherwise there won't be any driver and throttle arm animation. This is a mod I started almost 10 months ago. I recently had some spare time so I resumed the project...
  12. Pixel3K

    [Group B] - the king of africa rally livery 1.0

  13. DiRT Rally 2.0 ASTON MARTIN V8 VANTAGE GT4 Germany DLC

    DiRT Rally 2.0 ASTON MARTIN V8 VANTAGE GT4 Germany DLC

    Hello~ i'm C.Park. DiRT Rally 2.0 TIME TRIAL Challenge World Record / Real Hands & Steering Wheel Complicated road. POV GAMEPLAY
  14. ASTON MARTIN V8 VANTAGE GT4 SPAIN DiRT Rally 2.0 / KETENG900(Racing wheel) Gameplay

    ASTON MARTIN V8 VANTAGE GT4 SPAIN DiRT Rally 2.0 / KETENG900(Racing wheel) Gameplay

    Hello~ i'm C.Park. DiRT Rally 2.0 TIME TRIAL Challenge World Record / Real Hands & Steering Wheel RWD is thrilling. Chase cam : 2:52 Car Setup : 7:42 Please press the subscribe. XD
  15. Stereo

    BMW 325i Sedan 1.0

    2002 BMW 325i (E46) Installation Using 7zip, extract the contents of the 7z to your Assetto Corsa cars folder, creating cars/oneweek_bmw_e46_sedan/ This mod requires the Custom Shaders Patch, almost any version is acceptable but best results will come from latest (0.1.62). It's using a physics...
  16. FaLLeNGaM8LeR

    DiRT Rally 2.0 How to train RWD cars?

    Hey guys...I had a cool idea for an effective RWD training that really works. Made a short video about it and want to share it to the community. Maybe it help someone
  17. FaLLeNGaM8LeR

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Fiat 131 Abarth Rally - Setup - Monaco

    My best setup for the Fiat 131 Abarth Rally - Monte Carlo, Monaco +ground setting pics
  18. xDanielowsky

    Gaya Street HCR32 Sound Mod 1.0

    Fixed sound that does not work properly on the third camera.
  19. AyrtJ97

    Ford Sierra Cosworth (Colin McRae-Audi Sport Rally 1989) [4K] 1.1

    Car: Ford Sierra RS Cosworth (Group A) Numberplate: D541 UVW Driver: Colin McRae Codriver: Derek Ringer Team: Ford Motor Company Starting number: #6 Event: 33rd Audi Sport Rally 1989 Position: 3rd v1.1 - New version of my take on Colin McRae's Ford Sierra RS Cosworth during the 1989 Audi Sport...
  20. Rikkies

    Areva Racing Team Lamborghini #4 #5 #6 #26 2.0

    I have the AC game now for over a week and i'm really hooked on it. This is my first attempt on re-texturing the Huracan (GOD I love that Lambo). Hope you like it, feel free to download and please give me tips or report bugs.

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