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Vento Uno 1.0.1

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Tips: Please use "KERS" to enable the "Vento Mode", enjoy a visual experience that never had.

Now v1.0.1 has been released, thanks for all your suggestions. We have fixed most of them. Please refer to the updates page for more information.

Vento Uno(Chao Feng-Xu) is a Concept race car designed and engineered by HiPole 428Design (a Concept automotive design team based in Shanghai China) in 2021. Vento(Chao Feng) is a newly established car brand which provides service dedicated to development of concept vehicles for E-sports motor racing from styling to engineering.

Vento Uno is inspired by the legendary 911 GT1 race car and also absorbed the spirit of the Porsche 917k. The body design is based on the classic GT race car propotion with modern styling. The aero dynamic design is all about producing extraordinary performance, It can produce about 700kg downforce at 200kph.
Vento Uno is powered by a 5.9 liter V12 NA engine which can produce 712 bhp at 9,000 rpm, which can drive the super light weight body to 100kph less than 3 seconds and the maximum speed is over 340 kph. The car is equipped with a new feature called 'Chao Feng' mode which can produce extra power from the engine, with the brand new illumination system
the race would be more dramatic than ever.
I hope all sim racers would enjoy driving this machine. See you soon!









Latest updates

  1. Version 1.0.1 Released

    Version 1.0.1 Changelog Physics: - More balanced Aero Dynamics - Adjusted downforce level -...

Latest reviews

Love the mod, it's amazing to drive and the design is magnificent, -1 star on the lack of a template, wouldn't Vento want some customers to fund their main effort?
great car I love it, I do have a question of how to use attack mode
works just fine with gamepad fx cool car to drive
One of my favourite cars to drive so far. Thank you for sharing!
very impressive in all aspects . I take my hat of to all of you how create mods like this in your own time and then allow us to enjoy them . Thankyou
Simply fantastic, I normally avoid modern cars as they feel to artificial but this properly feels like a new take on a GT1 and is completely fantastic
Not only is this about the most fantastic-looking car I have ever seen in a sim, it's one of the nicest to drive, too. No vices, no nasty surprises. It seems a little stiffly sprung, but none the less welded to the road. The setup is easy and responsive. The cockpit is spectacular, like the Millennium Falcon. And like the McLaren F1 GTR, it's a central-seater with a panoramic view of the road ahead.
Out of my 300 modded Cars, this is probably my favourite!
A beast of the virtual motorsports
Excellent work! I'm enjoying driving it around my favorite tracks, and it's a well-balanced car.
Excellent mod. Fun to drive, and looks great. I love the unique dash
Fantastic car, it's fun to drive and sounds amazing
Version 1.0.1 is a suction cup on asphalt :)
Version 1.0.1 has a problem once loaded into gameplay. I am reverting to 1.0.0 for now. Little change, and we need black wheels ;) Looking great. But your lod's need some attention, they're on the huge side, lod3 looks quite close to the main KN visually.
Love this car.
This is rather good. Thank you for sharing. There's a problem with the LODs though, they're huge - it'd be great if there was a fix.
Sounds and looks amazing, but that understeer :(
fun to drive
There is clearly something wrong with this car. I tested it at Le Mans to get the spirit of the Porsche 917K as you were looking for... 350km/h announced in Vmax, I'm barely at 302km/h on the Hunaudières. At the steering wheel, it's just weird. On slow corners, I have no FFB, so I have to turn the wheel more than 180°, which is stupid for a race car. In Indianapolis (the corner, not the track) I go through it without really turning the wheel too much, it's fine but it's still very soft. After that, it has a crazy amount of downforce, you really have to want it to spin. It brakes pretty well (but it doesn't go very fast either), and you can tell from the settings that it's designed specifically for E-Sport competition, because it's simple on that point. It makes a great noise, but it's almost boring to ride and has an erratic steering behaviour.
The Vento Uno is a disappointment at this time.

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