1. Doogiest

    Vasyok Dashcam 4.5

    V2: Speed and Gear Indicator V3: Speed, Gear, Date, Real Time V3.5: Speed, Gear, Date, Real Time, Player Name V4: Customization V5: (Soon) Being able to disable certain features To Access The Settings open CM and click Settings => Assetto Corsa => Python App Settings => Vasyok Dashcam Vasyok...
  2. lccst

    TeamSport Karting Liverpool 2.0

    The latest update (2.0) brings some MAJOR changes, i urge you please take a look at the Updates page! Join my patreon community for more info, insights and exclusive content! patreon.com/LCCSTMods With the sad news that TeamSport Liverpool is being re-designed at the start of 2024, I have...
  3. ChechenskiiHya6

    Sukhneh Drift Track - Reworked 1.0

  4. E

    ShakyCam (KirbyCam Edit) 1.03

    ShakyCam A small edit of kirbyguy22's chase camera: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/kirbycam-chaser-cam-for-custom-shaders-patch.45987/ Adds a very arcade-like version of camera shake to hard acceleration and hard braking, jumps and collisions, as well as high-speed. Also dynamicFOV...
  5. thejqka

    Speed Racer! - Chinook Mk2 1.0

    Here he comes, here comes Speed Racer! Find the Chinook Mk2 here! Pitcrew is included of course ;) Enjoy! Cheers, Leon
  6. addama

    AverageSpeedPerLap 1.1

    AverageSpeedPerLap AverageSpeedPerLap keeps a running average of your speed, displayed in either mph or kph, for the current lap. Whenever you start a new lap, the previous lap is stored for reference, as well as your best speed. Obviously your first lap will start at a disadvantage because...
  7. Mehr TOPSPEED durch einen EINFACHEN Trick! | Assetto Corsa Setup Guide #02

    Mehr TOPSPEED durch einen EINFACHEN Trick! | Assetto Corsa Setup Guide #02

    With this easy setup trick you can increase your straigh line speed and acceleration. DISCLAIMER: This video is in german!
  8. Wass94

    2 in 1 - Ultra grip & Improved Dirty Air For More Battles Combined 1.0.0

    This is a combination of these 2 mods made by StrongestFish ( https://www.racedepartment.com/members/strongestfish.296050/ ) It combine Ultra Grip & Car Stability mod, and the Improved Dirty Air mod made by him. Links for each mod separated are linked below ...
  9. vatsky

    NFS 2015 Night ppfilter 1.2

    Here is my second filter test for Assetto Corsa. This one is a little more precise in the use since it is a filter mostly for the night !. Although we can easily use it during the day as well, I designed it primarily for the night. Being a big fan of the graphic rendering of the 2015 need for...
  10. S

    RSS Lanzo V12 Speed California Livery 1.0

    If you want to donate me a beer, do it here: paypal.me/MKeller358 Hello People its me again once in a while. Today i got an Speed California Livery for the Infamous RSS Lanzo V12 This livery is inspired by the same named team that occured in racedriver Grid...
  11. E

    Toscana 0.1

    English: First release of my first track. This is a 55km lenght track. i had a lot of problems with some objects so take it easy. surprise at the end of the map ;) Thanks to the 10 o'clock drivers comunity for the support!! I hope u enjoy Original: Primera versión del tramo. Esta es una pista...
  12. SamtheStupid

    WEC LMP1 Pack 2018 (IER P13c) 0.99

    IER's P13c is an amazing car to drive but lacks real world liveries. So I thought I'd convert some of my old work on to this masterpiece of a car. The car can be purchased here All teams that attended Le Mans in 2018 are represented with 24H and WEC DHL number boards. The skins included are the...
  13. R

    Driver Para Volante Speed Sp-u3394

    Hi, I need the drivers for that steering wheel. Thank you.
  14. Dan Costa

    Test: CPU Core count and RAM scaling in ACC, AC1 and R3E

    Hello guys Couldn't find decent data so I did these tests myself during the holidays. Max settings @ 720P (Max distances, Max shadows, Max mirrors etc) to push for the max cpu drawcalls. Heavy duty multiplayer race replays were used, with 20~30 cars. 1 entire lap per test. With the camera set...
  15. jakoman3

    Formula Rapide 1.3

    This mod is a very early project of mine and doesn't represent my idea of quality anymore. This is my newest approach of a concept car https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/formula-vector.40934/ © Jonas Holzapfel
  16. B

    Speed build save - Stock 2019-03-16

    To preface, this save is unlike most, in that the Satsuma is NOT built for you. This is a save designed to make building the Satsuma as efficient as possible. No grocery runs, no waiting for part shipments, just load up and build. This is the stock version, meaning only stock parts are provided...
  17. Morgan Gardner

    MoTeC C127 SimHub Dash 3

    MoTeC C127 SimHub Dash This is a dash made for a universal use. It is closely referenced from the actual unit, with some slight changes to improve usability for sim racing. The RPM gauge is dynamic, supporting any car from a redline of 6000 to 11000 RPM. The data presented is also dynamic...
  18. O

    Floor 2 Door Drift Counter 1.2

    Assetto Corsa Drift Counter. An app for counting drift points. Preview:
  19. Emre Can

    SpeedHuntersWindshield+Sticker 1.0

    PLESAE TURKİSH TRANSLATE (TÜRKÇE) * Mod resimde görüldüğü kaliteli asla pixel pixel değildir * Bu modu yine Murat ve Emre olarak yaptık kendimiz.. * Ne diyelim İyi oyunlar :)
  20. Elaphe

    Pit limit / speed limiter always off

    I'd like that when I jump into the car the speed limiter is off by default, or that it automatically switches off or that the pit limit speed is completelly disabled in the game. Any idea?

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