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ShakyCam (KirbyCam Edit) 1.03

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A small edit of kirbyguy22's chase camera:

Adds a very arcade-like version of camera shake to hard acceleration and hard braking, jumps and collisions, as well as high-speed.

Also dynamicFOV is enabled by default for added sense of speed (can be disabled)





*vignette effect not included*

  1. Drag the .zip into the Content Manager window
  2. Open the menu (3 horizontal line icon) from the top and click "Install"
Then, in Content Manager:
  • Navigate to Settings -> Custom Shaders Patch -> Chaser Camera
  • Ensure that the Chaser Camera extension is Active, and change the script to ShakyCam (KirbyCam Edit)
My Camera Settings:
Distance: 3.5m
Height: 1.15
Pitch: 0

Dynamic FOV Settings:
Open "\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\extension\lua\chaser-camera\shakycam\camera.lua"

To disable: "local OPT_dynamicFOV = false" and save the file.
To enable: "local OPT_dynamicFOV = true" and save the file.

Known Issues:
- None so far

Update 1.01
- Changed some screen shake and distance values

Update 1.02
- Fixed camera spazzing out when coming to a complete stop

Update 1.03
- Lowered camera shake values at high-speed

Let me know if you hate it, or tips on how to improve it.

*THIS IS NOT MY MOD*, all credit goes to the original creators:
Kirbyguy22 - Script
x4fab - Base camera script
Alex Mail, meff1091 - Testing and feedback
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