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Telemetry Tool for F1 23 (and many other games) 13.4

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Version 13 is here.

Alongside added F1 23 support, the Tool supports F1 2012 to F1 23, AC, ACC, AMS2, PC2, RFactor 2, R3E, KartKraft, Grid 2 and DiRT Rally 2.

Notable changes:

  • F1 23 support added + updated trackmaps
  • New session statistics data screen + option to open detailed per driver data. Provides plenty of data
  • New file formats for lapdata, opponent data & race history. Old files will still work.
  • AC/rF2/R3E, fixed DELTA to work with longer races. It was already working with ACC, but now also work on those 3 games.
  • Fuel estimate calculator under menu 'Tools'.
  • Race Info's center pane can now show graphs, map or racetiming data.
  • HTTP-server/JSON additions/fixes.
  • Updated many views to provide more info about who the driver is (like in Map the name format is 'Full Name (TLA)'
  • AMS2 & ACC, new track and car data from latest releases.
  • Experimental TCP forward. If you have issues on the UDP Forward e.g. over the VPN connection, this might solve those issues.
  • Many, many little tweaks again
For list of changes, see the ReadMe.txt.

Updating from older versions: Just unzip .zip on top of your old installation. If you use AC/rF2, update the plugins.

Clean/New install. Unzip the files to anywhere in your system (e.g. under 'Program Files\Telemetry Tool' or to somewhere else). On the first run the Tool will ask location for data files, so no need to edit the baseSettings.xml file.

The new version has been tested quite a bit for F1 23/F1 22/ACC/AC/AMS2, but there might still be something odd lurking around. If you find anything odd, please let me know.

Enjoy, and get faster.

Some screenshots

Driving pane has for F1 23 nice additions, like how much power is being taken from the engine, how much energy you have gained/lost on this and how much on last lap.

Multicar Session statistics with many averages,: last 3 laps, since pit, all valid laps, time lost on pitstops etc.

Detailed info on per driver basis. You select and open the driver details from the Multicar Session History window.

RaceInfo with map.

RaceInfo with RaceTiming data

HP vs RPM plotter example for F1 23

Redone Tyre history view:
  • V130_F123_RaceInfo_n_timelines.png
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  • V130_F123_Multicar_telemetry_v2_no_names.png
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