Meta tracks

I am getting a little frustrated. There are so many diff versions of the same tracks now, ACU versions, fenryr versions, ACC port versions. etc.
People making skin upgrades for ACU, Fenryr, kunos. I have 351 tracks in my AC, Quite a few are doubles of the well known circuits. Its hard to find the time to go over each track and decide which is better quality. If the ACU tracks are fine why are other people making new versions?

Obviously different people like different things, So its too much to ask for them not to create things of there own. Wether they already exist or not. Or wether what they are creating is any improvment on the original...

Could we start putting together a track list with a rating system 1/10. List pros and cons of said circuits.
What features they have or do not have etc etc.
Perhaps saving people some time for actual racing rather then modding constantly.
Time is precious. AC is a hodgepodge mess which can be hard to wrap your head around at times.

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