1. DeathStroke

    Good Year Tires effects & GTE Gen 2 / IndyCars FFB

    Hello guys ! We have tried a lot of cars and tracks with a friend (from DLC and free content) and we have noticed that lots of cars with Good Year tires seems to be broken regarding the track effect and more than that some content as GTE Gen 2 and some IndyCar series seems to have no efficient...
  2. legionofracers

    Singapore Highway Project 0.1.1

    Hello everyone! From the team that brought you the Orchard Road Street Circuit, Semanggi Interchange Street Circuit, and Kuala Lumpur Street Circuit, here comes the Singapore Highway Project! This massive project is a free roam map that will span across the Island Nation of Singapore. From...
  3. Rock97

    Skin Fiorano 2024 (for Luis Barata's version) 1.0

    This is an overhaul skin for the "Circuito de Fiorano 2023" track made by @Luis Barata . I tried my best to match real life colors based on some Youtube videos, changed trees textures, improved a bit some buildings textures and changed all sponsors with actual ones. Also, I've set garage lights...
  4. AATR

    Circuito Internacional Los Parisi – Maracaibo 1.0

    Hi All, This is a redesign of the Autodromo Los Parisi, very important in the country particularly for its drag strip. The circuit has been revamped with two layouts, suitable for all categories. The main track adds a faster final sector and a couple of overtaking spots to the original layout...
  5. RustyRussell84

    Pitstop Karting Narvskaya 0.91

    I've never been a proper kart racer or even a half decent one but I do love this place in my hometown very much. Also, looks like its gonna be a great fit for those low BHP Hachiroku drifts! Kei cars feel here at home too, but as if they grew up in to full sized vehicles There are two...
  6. mikeblueberry

    Moscow Forza MIKS indoor track FIX v1.0

    Re-upload fix for indoor kart track "Forza MIKS" as my original post was removed for my incorrect listing. Here for you is the missing files for AC indoor kart track Forza MIKS. I have included a preview and track overlay for the menu selection screen with some info. Added search tags to help...
  7. S

    TeamSport Karting Preston 0.53

    This is a virtual version of the real life Teamsport Preston Kart Track, an indoor multilevel kart track in Preston, United Kingdom. Adjusting time of day can affect the look and the performance of the track. Adjust to your liking. Cameras and AI can be temperamental due the the multilevel...
  8. lccst

    TeamSport Karting Liverpool 2.0

    The latest update (2.0) brings some MAJOR changes, i urge you please take a look at the Updates page! Join my patreon community for more info, insights and exclusive content! With the sad news that TeamSport Liverpool is being re-designed at the start of 2024, I have...
  9. kouyamasamon

    Start/finish line(it also says control line) does'nt work in RACE07 Mods

    I converted GTR2 track Mods to RACE07. In some Mods, it seems that the start/finish line(it also says control line) does'nt work. How to solve this problem?
  10. 6 Hidden Gem Track Mods for Assetto Corsa

    6 Hidden Gem Track Mods for Assetto Corsa

    Beyond the download kings and fan favorites, there are more than enough high-quality tracks which deserve our time and attention. Hence, here we present 6 Hidden Gem Track Mods for Assetto Corsa. When it comes to modding and moddability, Assetto Corsa is the undisputed king in the sim racing...
  11. infinite torque

    Tracks Ferrari Drivers Hard Racetrack By Sandy Baggy

    infinite torque submitted a new resource: Ferrari drivers hard racetrack - Ferrari Hard Racetrack Read more about this resource...
  12. K

    Nordschleife Ring_2007_v22a 2023-12-03

    A Track with fog fall and wet and winter 11 version to load and use
  13. Sekinvr

    Tracks _Undisclosed Location

    Sekinvr submitted a new resource: _Undisclosed Location - Custom Track made using blender 3.5 Read more about this resource...
  14. Sekinvr

    _Undisclosed Location 0.2

    Made a Track using Blender and KsEditor. Still a work in progress for now, hope you enjoy and as always, any tips on improvement are greatly appreciated. Special thanks to: VRVibes Ruckup Media Maddy.VR TonyStarkVR
  15. R

    Apps Need help with KsEditor

    Need Help with Ks Editor. I want to import a fbx file of a track i made in blender into the editor, but in the moment I click on Import the KsEditor closes without an error code. Can somone help or has the same problem?
  16. lccst

    Cars don't follow pit line from pits??

    Hi there, I've got an issue where when in track day on my custom made track, the ai cars don't follow the "" line and instead are just driving into the side wall. my assumption is is that they are just trying to go directly into the fast lane line but why wont they follow the correct...
  17. lccst

    Lutech Karting Arena 1.6

    Check out my patreon community for more info, insights and exclusive content! A little indoor karting track I have been working on as a first AC track project, it uses my own fictional circuit layout design and is intended for close tactical karting battles! AI; The AI will sometimes collide...
  18. SAXMAN23

    Caesar's Palace Camtool 2023-11-19

    My second cam, this time for the "worst" f1 circuit ever made. Caesar's Palace. Enjoy!
  19. Mascot

    260no 2x1 Lattice-Frame Adboard Textures, inc blank & NM v1 171123

    260no lattice-frame adboard textures in standard 2x1 aspect ratio for track modders and skin makers. A blank background (so you can make your own boards) and normal map are also included. DXT1 DDS format with mip maps, so should not blur. Credit me if you want, but it's not necessary. All I ask...
  20. lccst

    Tracks Making Pitboxes for multiple cars on custom track

    Hi all, I'm working on my own custom mini karting track using blender for Assetto Corsa and progress is going well, (spawning in and driving in ac is perfect etc), but i cannot figured out or find anyone mention about setting up additional pit and track start boxes that would be used by online...

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