1. Timonike

    Ferrari 312B 1970 | 4K Liveries 1.0

    Hi everyone! Hope you're having a good week! :) I've been quite into the 60's/70's era of F1 recently and I've been driving a lot of different car mods that are available for Assetto Corsa depicting this era, one of those being @Emil_1988 's awesome 1970 Ferrari 312B! Even in it's v0.6, W.I.P...
  2. kartM6N

    1992' VAZ 2107 1.6 2.0

    VAZ 2107 "Seven" is a legendary car. Without exaggeration. There is not a single person who would not know about this model. Someone buys it for himself as the first car, someone, once acquired, never leaves it. VAZ 2107 "Zhiguli" is the longest project of the Russian automotive industry, it was...
  3. Rainmaker_87

    Historic gloves and suits for 60s, 70s and 80s driver 2.0

    This patches the anachronistic Sparco gloves and driver suit for all car mods using the original Kunos driver models "driver_60.kn5", "driver_70.kn5" and "driver_80.kn5". While the original Kunos cars will be untouched because they use it's own skins, all old car mods out there (that are using...
  4. BJ911

    Holden EH - Improved Production racing sedan 1 - Sept 2023

    The Holden EH was produced by General Motors-Holden in Australia from 1963 to 1965. A variation of the standard model was the S4 SPECIAL, which was introduced in September 1963 for racing homologation purposes. Under the "Improved Production" rules for Australian Touring Car racing, certain...
  5. BJ911

    Holden EH - Series Production Racing Sedan 1 - Sept 2023

    The Holden EH was produced by General Motors-Holden in Australia from 1963 to 1965. A variation of the sedan, the S4 SPECIAL, was introduced in September 1963 for racing homologation purposes. A minimum of 100 were required to be built and sold. These featured the 179ci engine, manual...
  6. BJ911

    Holden EH Sedan 1 - Sept 2023

    The EH Holden was produced by General Motors-Holden in Australia from 1963 to 1965. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the introduction of the car, I have created this model for Assetto Corsa. It is the street version, and includes the Standard, Special and Premier models, plus a couple of...
  7. cheetocatto

    Italian Vintage Abarth Championship 1.1

    Had an idea for a championship ended up quite fun, even with AC spotty Ai Race the Abarth 595 Step2 around Italian tracks, real and fictional. -Magione -Modena -Toscana -Vallelunga -Aviano -Lago Maggiore I recommend these skins for a better (and less repetitve) experience (they work in all...
  8. nottodaysatan

    1997 Le Mans Grid Preset 1.0

    Continuing the releases of 'as accurate as possible' grid presets of classic long distance races with the 1997 Le Mans. 1997 was the birth of the FIA GT class. Unfortunately not all liveries are available but we will add as many as we can. There are many different versions of the FIA GT cars...
  9. AlbertGeorge

    West McLaren 720S GT3 Evo classic livery 1.0

    McLaren is one of the most successful brands in racing, especially Formula 1. Their livery from 1997-2005 lives in the shadow of their pre-1997 and 2006-2013 era of liveries. However, this era is just as important for the team, since they won their last constructors' championship title with...
  10. GreenMachine13

    Chevrolet Corvette '67 Vintage Skinpack 1.0

    Here's some historic skins for the AC Legends GTC Corvette '67. This pack includes: -1963 #5 Bob Bienerth (USRRC Mid-Ohio) -1963 #11 Don Yenko (Bridgehampton 500km) -1963 #16 Alan Wylie/Gerry Georgi (Bridgehampton 500km) -1963 #42 William McLaughlin (Badger 200) -1963 #81 Jack Moore (Road...
  11. parrilla

    Silverstone 1967 faster AI 1.1

    Faster AI for Kunos Silverstone 1967. Fast line + boundaries + hints. Optimized for vintage cars. Most other cars work fine too. Nevertheless a backup of the original is adviced. Tested with 60s GTs, 1967 F1s, Kunos GT40s, TCLegends, DRM cars without issues. You can make a faster/safer AI...
  12. nopitch1

    Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 3.0 - Creamy Martini #8 1.0

    As I Really like Porsche cars, here's a new skin, this time for the Kunos's Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 3.0 from 1974. The idea of a creamy livery came at Le Mans Classic 2023 when I saw a gorgeous Jaguar Type E with cream colors like the one behind. Here's my interpretation of the Creamy...
  13. BJ911

    Holden FJ Sedan 1953 2 (July 2023)

    The FJ Holden was produced by the Australian car maker Holden from 1953 until 1956. It was the successor to the Holden FX which was introduced in 1948. The main visual difference to the FX was the distinctive new front grille. The FJ was produced in three versions : the Standard, the Business...
  14. moody1500

    RSS Formula 1986 V6 - Ferrari F1-86 - F1 1986 1.0

    Number 27 Number 28
  15. parrilla

    Laguna Seca 60s faster AI 1.0

    Faster AI for the Rainmaker Laguna Seca 60s. You can find the full track here. Fast line + boundaries + hints. Optimized for vintage GT cars. Most other cars work fine too. Nevertheless a backup of the original is adviced. Know issues: Lap 1 can get clustered at the corckscrew, as usual...
  16. K

    Vintage Garage 0.1

    Hi Guys, this is some kind of a prof of concept to show modding the objects,pssg file is possible. I replaced the wind tunnel dome with the vintage garage from f1 2013. I don't know how to change the menu camera, so i had to remove some cabinets objects. I think this vintage garage fits...
  17. Pasta2000

    Porsche 917 Spyder - Paris 1000km 1971 #5 (4k) 1.0

    You know who, recently uploaded a bunch of "average" 917 models we didn't have before. This spyder had always been one of my favourite styles of 917, especially in the Gesipa Racing Team livery. Here's the car as it ran at the 1971 Paris 1000km; where it was the fastest in qualifying, and the...
  18. facu88

    Concordia 1970 1.0

    This is one of our first rFactor 1 tracks, converted for Assetto Corsa. Is a real track opened in 1969, an anti-clockwise layout of 2.5 km a bit slow. In 1971 an extension of 700 meters was bringed out. Almost 20 years later it was renovated, the pits were moved and the direction of the race was...
  19. polupansion

    Jagermeister skin for LADA 2101 SMP Historic Cup 1.0

    Hi everyone! My first attempt of making a skin for AC. This mod from SMP only comes with single livery, so why not put some true "historic" vibe on it :p Can't get rid of some white lines beween the doors and other stuff... anyway I hope you'll enjoy it!
  20. George Red

    Skins for the four Porsche 911s of Le Mans 1967 1.0

    What: Four skins for AC_legends's 911 to fill up the rear of the 1967 Le Mans grid. They are great to drive against the Shebly Mustang and the Corvete, also from AC_legends. #42 Driven by: Robert Bouchet (F), Herbert Linge (D) Qualified: 45 Laps: 308 Finished: 14 #43 Driven by: Jaqcques Dewes...

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