Laguna Seca 60s faster AI

Laguna Seca 60s faster AI 1.0

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Faster AI for the Rainmaker Laguna Seca 60s. You can find the full track here.

Fast line + boundaries + hints.

Optimized for vintage GT cars. Most other cars work fine too. Nevertheless a backup of the original is adviced.

Know issues:
  • Lap 1 can get clustered at the corckscrew, as usual with AC.
  • Tested with 60s GTs, 1967 F1s, Kunos GT40s, Legion's Can-Am cars without issues. Let me know if other cars have issues.

You can make a faster/safer AI for your favorite track too. Here's a mini guide on AC AI line improving.

Latest reviews

As ever, this increases my enjoyment of the track tenfold and makes it an engaging fight, especially in the vintage cars it's meant for - thanks so much
Memories. I raced this track in the early 70's before the infield was included. A much faster layout and was pretty dangerous. I might add there was no right side guard rail from turn four to the cork screw. I know; I crashed and hit a tree, plus between T4 & T5 there were rumble strips on the right that had the letter's "NO NO" written across them. Having a blast racing vintage mods from my era. Great job! Keep up the good work.
Thank you! I have been racing the Ralt RT3 with the AI maxed at 100 and have easily been on pole by a second or more. In my first race with faster AI at Laguna, I qualified only 7th, a second down to pole, and had to work much harder in the race. It made the racing much more fun.
Absoluetely amazing racing, thank you for always putting out amazing ai lines!

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