AMS Modding - Cars (Work in progress)

THX Patrick for all your hard work, for GSC Ex and now AMS:thumbsup:

I have been busy today, modding AMS:);)

This is a direct conversion from GSC Ex, but i will apply AMS shaders to it in nearby future.

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Is the AMS modding system still the same as SCE?

I'm currently busy with making a 3d model for some more RX cars but haven't done anything in game yet...
Hmmm, the interior looks really really bight, as if there were lights everywhere illuminating everything and removing all shadows.
If the renderer doesn't do the job, then the texture needs to jump in?
But maybe it's just from that angle, don't know.
You have definitely way more experience in modding GSCE than me :)
looks like its a games problem too, as i saw that no car receive any shadow... tried a marcas to confirm that the z4 is working right and it receives also no shadow... normally the car must be darker when standing on pits but nope, same lightning on car like standing under the sun... same for bridges... already asked on reiza51
Abarth is a high quality mod, one of my favourites. Has very unique physics and handling, which sets it apart from anything else. Enjoy it a lot in SCE. Should be even more fun in AMS. Thanks. :)

Interested to see how grip fluctuates on those rx tracks. Racing it there should be a riot, hehe. :D
THX Jan, much appreciated:thumbsup:

Mod is ready for release, but i will wait for first official release of AMS this weekend;)
All kind of updates applied :AMS shaders, dirt pickup, windscreen dirt/banner, HiRes mirrors, and working external mirrors on all cars.
Car feels great, real fun:)

Some last screenies before release;



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