Assetto Corsa Competizione: Build 1.06 Now Available

Paul Jeffrey

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Kunos Simulazioni have released a new update for Assetto Corsa Competizione.

Working at a solid pace in order to address some of the more prominent issues that have occurred with Assetto Corsa Competizione since the simulation first hit V1 release status back at the end of May, Kunos Simulazioni have once again deployed the update magic - releasing build 1.06 to Steam a few short hours ago.

Full update notes from the new build can be seen below.

Build 1.06 Update Notes:

  • Fixed a potential crash when resuming career and championship.
  • Added first implementation of blue flags during qualifications.
  • Tweaked MP highlights to avoid unnecessary out-of-track highlights.
  • Sprint Race driver assignment now matches real-life rules. (Drivers are designated to Q1, Q2, R1, and R2 based on license).
  • Added chat window on Multiplayer menu screens.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could remain stuck in the podium animation sequence when using VR.
  • Fixed wrong default tyre set when opening MFD pitstop page without going to setup before the session.
  • Fixed MFD not updating in non-interactive phases.
  • Removed engine repair option from MFD.
  • Relocated "lock to horizon" setting from video settings to view/camera settings page.
  • Now possible to save driver profile with a blank nickname.
  • All setup strategies start from 0 litres of fuel instead of 2.
  • MFD now correctly shows 0 fuel to add from pit strategy.
  • Player now receives alert of pitlane speeding in real time, not at the end of the pitlane.
  • Disabled an obsolete PP effect that resulted in heavy GPU load in the user interface with ultra-high resolutions.
  • Pit window message now includes a timer with time left until it closes.
  • Reworked audio bank loading logic.
  • Reworked pitlane audio listener priority.
  • Improved exterior and blow-off valve sounds for Ferrari 488 GT3
  • Volume level minor tweaks
  • Server admins can assign a free formation lap (without limiter) via /manual start during the wait time.
  • Private servers can set up a full formation lap via "shortFormationLap": 0 in the settings.json.
  • "Setup" cannot be selected as Spectator.
  • Fixed Pit MFD page not always visible in driver swap scenarios.
  • Improved timing accuracy in driver swap scenarios.
  • Session overtime will now be skipped in more clever ways.
  • Fixed HUD disappearing under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed Mercedes-AMG GT3 excessive fuel consumption.
  • Fixed setup UI showing excessive blistering and graining values.
  • Fixed aggressive setup selection for Porsche GT3 at Nurburgring.
  • Fixed Mercedes GT3 brands hatch aggressive setup TC, ABS and ECU values.
  • Bentley 2018 ECU is not zero-based (starts from 1).
  • Porsche 991 GT3 R ECU maps between wet and aggressive setup corrected (now inverted).
Screenshot Credit: Torcano
Assetto Corsa Competizione is available now on PC.

For more from the world of ACC, why not head over to our Assetto Corsa Competizione sub forum and get yourself into the thick of the action? We have a great and knowledgeable community, plus some pretty epic League and Club Racing events, if I do say so myself. Go on, treat yourself!

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My ACC looks amazing, step by step Kunos will get there or there about.
Still the best car physics Ive raced so far drive like a video game player and you get punished.
Im really enjoining this whole ACC journey if only Simhub was fully supported id be so so happy
i heard a rumor about Zandvoort being added to the game with the new 2019 Blancpain championship update
This is just a rumor ,failed leak,something to look forward?
im really excited about it.
( sadly no rumors about Circuit de la Sarthe RIP)

its true because that's on the 2019 calendar. this weekend in fact.

it was always coming, same as all the 2019 cars/teams/drivers

there wont be a le mans, because lemans is nothing to do with blancpain GT, GT3 racing or SRO
Like most Sim Developers, Kunos is chipping away at the big picture and already on the road to, in my personal opinion, a fantastic Sim...absolutely enjoying the basic Single Player experience...Single Player + AI + Race, which is the only way I play Sims really...and with the most superb looking, sounding and feeling Rain racing that I have experienced so far in any Sim I own at this time....keep up the great work.:D
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My question, will Blacpain ever do Nordschleife 24hr ?

I don't think anyone can say for sure.

but probably not. its a completely different organisation, ADAC I believe. Also, isn't it mainly aimed at amateurs? and German? SRO is French I think... whatever.

To be fair, the spa 24hrs is kind of the blancpain equivilent and has been around about 40-50 years longer, and ironically, the spa circuit was shortened to its more modern length roundabout the time the ADAC 24 was becoming a thing
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My question, will Blacpain ever do Nordschleife 24hr ?

No never. Because Nürburgring 24h Race is part of the VLN. Its possible of course that Teams like for example Küs Team75 Bernhard which Race in the Blancpain Series can also take part at the Nürburgring 24h...which they actually do. But if your question was if the Nürburgring 24h Layout will be ever a part of the Blancpain Calender than of course this could be possible but I dont think this will ever happen because the 24h Layout and the VLN Layout are both part of an other Organisation and because of that is just the Nürburgring GP Layout available for a lot of Different Organisations. So short answer....No;)
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The Kunos team continues to develop its sim, hear these users and propose as far as possible a suitable answer to finalize what I think will certainly represent a new reference in the matter of similation._:thumbsup:

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