Assetto Corsa | Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO Set To Join The Sim As Part Of The New Ferrari Esport Series

Paul Jeffrey

Ferrari have announced the latest season of the Ferrari Esport Series on Assetto Corsa, and as part of the new championship the modern Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO is set to be brought to the simulation.

Yet further proof that Assetto Corsa is still a simulation very much at the forefront of virtual motorsport, the decision by Ferrari to once again use the platform for their latest esport activations is good news for fans of the title, especially as like last season the Italian brand will be using the new championship to bring an official new car to the sim - the 2021 Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO.

AC New Ferrari 1.jpg

In order to access the car, players are required to sign up for the new series by heading over to the Ferrari Esport Series website (link) and registering for the competition. The 2021 Ferrari Esports Series is open to residents of Europe and the UK.

Once again I will be joining Nicki Shields in the commentary box for the new season, and with an interesting selection of tracks, plus of course the exciting addition of the 488 GT3 EVO alongside the previously released 488 Challenge EVO and two original Ferrari models from within the sim, it should all make for a great year of racing, and yet another new official car for a simulation many thought had seen the end of its expanding line-up of content.

For those interested in participating in the new series, registration has opened and will move to the qualification stage with four hotlap sessions to decide the participants of the qualification races which are set to run from April 5th to late July this year.

Once qualification races have been completed and the top 48 drivers (top 12 finishers per qualification race) have been decided, the main Ferrari Esports Series competition will begin, running from late August until November, with a Grand Final to be held in December.

As well as the addition of prize draw opportunities for registered players, 2021 will also feature an new livery competition for creative designers, further information of which will be provided closer to the start of the season.

So that's it - a new esport series, and a brand-new GT3 Ferrari coming to Assetto Corsa!

Original Source: Ferrari Esports

Assetto Corsa is available now on both PC and console.

Discuss the sim, chat with fellow fans and get all the hints, tips and tricks you need to make the most of this outstanding title. Head over to the Assetto Corsa sub forum here at RaceDepartment and get yourself in on the conversation.

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I don't understand this as well...just release the car for everyone, what's the problem?

It's basically timegated and will be shared anyway :thumbsdown:

You don't understand Ferrari. I can't just buy a Ferrari, Ferrari only sells to you if they like you. That's why all the scammers drive Lambos. You are supposed to be collecting their cars and attend their events. So it's very Ferrari to give only the car to those who want to enter the eSport event.

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