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Misc Brands Hatch Maps 1.0

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Nice apex, I'll take it!
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Jimlaad43 submitted a new resource:

Brands Hatch Maps - Working Maps for Brands Hatch by Albert McSaltens

Maps for the Grand Prix Circuit and Indy Circuit at Brands Hatch.

Make sure you have this version of Brands Hatch, and just drag the files into the correct places in your folders.

Permission was sought and granted.

Screenshots of it in-game.
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If anyone has tracks without maps, or has a WIP track without a map and wants one made, please contact me and I'll see what I can do.
Nice for making them public. I did this a few months ago, but I thought people knew how to do this, do didn't release them.

Basically in any track that has a map that doesn't work, delete the map.png, and also the map.ini in the data folder. Load AC and load the track. AC might crash first of all, but then reload, and hay presto, the track is there and working.

I have done Brands, Croft, Oulton Park to name a few

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