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1962 Ferrari 330 LMB, auctioned this year for $51 million.

Ferrari 330 LMB.jpg
1923 Chenard-Walcker 3-Litre; won the first LeMans 24hr race, driven by Andre Legache and Rene Leonard. A distance of 2209km, winning by four laps over the second place car, another Chenard-Walcker.

1923 Chenard-Walcker 3-Litre.jpg

The company prospered through the thirties, with cars such as this 1936 front wheel drive Type 24


Then the company declined, producing no new cars after 1940. By 1950 they were merged with Peugeot.
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1970 AMC Rebel "The Machine"


390 CID 340 HP 4 bbl V8


The functional hood scoop integrated a tachometer into the design.


The majority of The Machines produced in 1970 were white with a blue hood treatment and red-white-blue decals, but the model could be painted any regular Rebel color with a flat black hood. This example is Bayshore Blue and sports "Day 2" Cragar S/S mag-style wheels.

The original owner is looking for the car--last sold in metro Detroit.
1946 Beechcraft Plainsman (yes the aircraft manufacturer), a concept car powered by an air-cooled 4-cylinder Franklin engine (aircraft engine) which turned a generator to supply power to four electric motors, one in each wheel. Car weighed a mere 2200 lbs, could carry six people, had a top speed of 160mph, and got 25-30 mpg. Only two were built, as proof of concept for a proposed military vehicle; current whereabouts unknown, if indeed they still exist. (Loop antenna on the roof was for a radiotelephone.)




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