Fog in Monte Carlo

DiRT Rally Fog in Monte Carlo 1.0

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ojciecmajster submitted a new resource:

Fog in Monte CArlo - Reduction the level of fog

This mod reduced a little the level of fog.
2 Different parametrs for route col_de_turini_rally_01 and col_de_turini_rally_02
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1. First make sure to back up your files, you'll overwrite.
2. Extract .rar file and replace/overwrite the existing files to [X]:\steam\steamapps\common\DiRT Rally

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Or a more realistic look? Or do you guys mean just the fog part?

I think his weather and sky mods is all 110%. The stages looks sooo much more realistic/real life with his mods. I love them but I understad what you guys say but I think its a bit hard to call it to cheat??
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Reducing fog is 100% cheating. In a league based environment, if you have 20 drivers that dont have this, they are gonna struggle more to see things as opposed to people using it. And there is no way to enforce it. This goes with leader board times and everything. So yes, it is a cheat. I'm sure its great work and I bet it looks really good. But yes, unfortunately this is a cheat :(
There is a difference between something they have in the game and something that has been modded in. For example HDR in rFactor2 vs having HDR off in rFactor2.

Either way it's Codies problem now.
Come on....He is doing a fantastic job with his weather mod and makes the skytextures and so on much better...

This is not a cheat...If this is cheating, then its little childish.. but I dont care..

His mod makes it more realistic - thats what I want so..

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