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Misc Invisible Quick Menu. No Starting Lights 1.0

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Salut Gilles submitted a new resource:

Invisible Quick Menu + No Starting Lights
Hides both the on-track (and in-pits) Quick Menu, and all Starting Lights

Note: No Starting Lights are necessary, since the Quick-Menu nodes must point to a transparent texture, which is, in this case, the Starting-Lights texture.

Invisible Quick Menu + No Starting Lights

This mod adds-on to my previous mod titled: Transparent Quick-Menu Background

Once installed, this add-on allows players to select the options they want (Fuel Mix, Tyre Type, and Brake Bias) without displaying them on screen at all.

It also hides the annoying starting lights by rendering them invisible.

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Of course, it is mandatory to memorize the on-track (and in-pits) keypress sequences to access these functions after installing this mod, simply because the menu arrows (and texts) are invisible once this mod is installed!! ;)
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