Lotus Exos 125 @ Nurburgring GP

Great setup thanks! Careful it's very easy to get comfortable mid-corner understeer and lose time. Always have to remind myself to use less steering input mid-corner. 1.31.546 was done with this set only I changed rear diff locking to 25%, I can get on the power earlier that way. 1.31.3XX is possible with a clean first sector.

Do you have telemetry tools or go by feel ? I would love to read the tyre loads and suspension geometry I'm not good enough to tweak this by feel.
Great setup, with some tweaks i could post a 1:25,0 in the S1 Version wich put me in second place, 4 tenth behind the alien, did one 1:24,871 but not legal...because Bit to wide... Hope to have some time to try the net days... Splits are able to go 26,4

Oh sorry wrong thread... Dont Know how to delete it
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