My Fixes to GTR2 tracks

The following fixes can also be applied to @GTR233's fantastic HQ versions of the tracks. I highly recommend using his mod instead of the original game where tracks already have dozens of other smaller issues and missing details.

Most of GTR 2's tracks always lacked invisible barriers and players could fall into the void from multiple areas. Race 07 amended this in all of its tracks by creating high and precise GMTs acting as invisible walls. Monza was one of the worst affected as players could drive onto the historic oval track missing geometry and thus causing players to fall into the void.
Hockenheim Short is notoriously broken in the Steam version of GTR 2. Apparently the issue has to do with the xsector GMTs. Those I modified with 3d SimEd work, while original ones from GTR 2 won't (the original GMTs are identical between Retail and Steam versions). The ones I modified have increased height; xsector1.gmt was particularly low. The Iron Wolf thinks the issue may have to do with units of measurement being different between Steam and Retail executables, thus the Steam version fails to detect the original xsector1.

The reworked and necessary GMTs have been uploaded to my DropBox:

The included GMTs provide the following when installed properly (read Instructions.txt on how to install the fixes properly):
-Fixed bug with Steam's version of Hockenheim Short not tracking laps; it requires to rename the xsectorX.gmt instances in the SHHockenheim.trk file.
-Added invisible barriers to Anderstorp, Brno, Estoril, Hockenheim, Imola, Magny-Cours, Monza, Oschersleben, Valencia to avoid having players falling into the void or going well outside the track (GMTs reworked from SimBin's Race 07 counterparts).
-Remade water GMT for the lake in Enna Pergusa so that now it is visible and won't feel like a hole in the terrain geometry.
-Added missing invisible barrier in the pit area in shorter Dubai track layouts, so that players cannot drive behing the pits and fall into the void (the barrier is already present in the GP layout of the track).
-Added full oval track 3d models to Monza with rain reflections and added some more track geometry to Monza Junior (under some in-game camera angles, it was possible to spot the missing oval and track geometry).

Needless to say, GTR233 is free to include these fixes/improvements on future versions of his HQ patch mod if he wishes so. Thank you so much for your incredible work on the mod!

PS: I converted the Monza invisible collision GMTs back in 2013 but never thought of sharing anything back then. Ten years later I'm enjoying GTR2 properly with CrewChief, GTR233's mod and with a wheel instead of a keyboard. I hope these fixes, even though they may feel pointless, might be of your interest.
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I updated the link and package of my personal fixes to GTR 2 tracks. I added many more fixes compared to last time, a full description is available in the first post that has been edited. The new package also includes the Hockenheim Short fix I made for the Steam version of GTR 2. Read the Instructions.txt file on how to properly install the fixes.
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