Tracks Okayama [W.I.P] scratch made


I have started on my new project a completely scratch made track Okayama (Japan), which is well well knows to all of us. I decided to do it, since Assetto Corsa do not have any decent version of it. So the work has only stared, you can see from the pic bellow what`s been done so far. The main thing, the road mesh is complete, still some minor changes like corner angles on some place but that`s mostly it. Doing some objects like building, commercial boards and stuff like that (which is plenty of it) which are not there on the pic (come later on).
So, thats it for now, wish me good luck and patience ;)
And there is some poll, that will tell me how many of you guys want this track to have in AC. it will only take a second to fulfill it. Thx a lot.

1st stage, track mesh + all the elevation of it:
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Thank you so much for bringing this great and fun track to our beloved AC. If I may ask a dumb question... From what I see, it looks like you're aiming for the 2 layout (YES!!!), am I seeing things or its just for looks? :)
Keep it up and thank you for this one :)
Maybe afterwards. Its true, we don't have any decent Monaco version.
Yes that's why I asked your monaco track is the better one out there but needs a lot of work to make it look like assetto standards do you know if there is a acu rip out there those rips are fine for a rip???

Mitja maybe just update the trees for a better look????
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I really enjoyed the short course in iR in cars like the MX5 Cup and Legends Ford Coupe. Glad to see your including the little layout :D
I enjoy the track in Iracing and I'm sure this will be as great as your Grobnik. Good luck with that!

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