Giga Kubica
I have decided to start a new project and that being the Special Stage Route 5 from the Gran Turismo series.
I've decided to remake it while I', having a bit of a block and rethinking how to improve the current layout of KubicaDrome and I've wanted to have a go at an iconic track that I feel could faithfully recreate in Assetto Corsa.
Also I want to use this to document my day by day progress on the track and help me reinforce my portfolio and job prosperity.
Day 1:
Total Hours Worked: 6
Recreating the track layout

Elevation Changes: I've used Gran Turismo 4 as a reference point as to how the elevation changes should feel and try to recreate it.



The iconic tunnel has been done and will be fun when the lights go into it

Track Lines have been added into the track.

Start Finish line
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Day: 2
Total Hours: 12
Day 2 of Special Stage was extremely productive with a lot of fine work done after the Tunnel with Turns 3 and 4. The advertising boards, lamps, brake markers, kerbs, pavements, bridge the walls on either side. This time around I spend more time on initial texturing and trying to take my time to capture the feel of the track and studying the objects and modelling them as closely as possible and creating the best possible textures.

Modelling Software Screenshots



Ingame Screenshots



Gran Turismo 4 Screenshots for Comparison

Day: 3
Hours: 21
Day 3 has been extremely productive to me managing to get vast majority of the Clubman layout done with on the track placement, kerbs and walls. Turns 5,6,7 on the main layout as well as turns 8 and 9 on the Clubman layout have been completed 100% complete with runoffs and kerbs , as well as the main start/finish straight has been decorated with all the boards, barrier between pit and straight, as well as the extra ramp next to the tunnel has been modelled, exception of the pit lane which will most likely be my next time what to model or try and complete the main Special Stage route. Trees have also been improved to show through both sides of the alpha not just from one side.

In software Pictures






Ingame Photos (Next post)

That's really a promising project!
The current meshes seems to be already pretty good.. can't wait to see more of the development!
Thanks mate, I tried spending more time initially creating the models and texturing to have less work later on.
I'm excited to drive on the El Capitan though, it looks really bloody good.
Day: 4
Hours: 27
Today has been a bit of a slower day as I have had my friends Birthday party, but still managed to model some low poly trucks and pit tents for the pit lane as well as the grid markers, start lights and startfinish line on top of 5 different types of buildings with everything being fully textured. I probably have about 5 or 7 different models of building left to model and just for now they will be lower on the polygon count as I aim to save poly count and maybe later down the line create a higher poly count models of them, then the main start finish straight will look just right in my opinion. So that is next on my agenda as I plan on finishing the Clubman layout way before I finish the full layout to see how it looks and drives.

Software Picture



Ingame Screenshots

pretty impressive! I would add just a few more tris to those tents to make them appear less angular. Just a little sag in the fabric where there is no scaffolding under it.
pretty impressive! I would add just a few more tris to those tents to make them appear less angular. Just a little sag in the fabric where there is no scaffolding under it.
I probably will do that but once I get vast majority of the modelling done, at the moment really driven to get the buildings done, so far they are the biggest pain just from texturing point of view
Day: 5
Hours: 36
Today has been focusing on finishing 90% of the buildings around Clubman layout and that has been successful the main straight has 99% of the buildings save for some extremely low poly ones, as well as modelling grandstands and creating lighting for the night racing which has been done. The track is now lit up nicely for night racing and object that need glow have had illumination textures added to them, so the traffic signs that act as brake markers glow as well as the windows from the buildings emmit light as well. Next on the agenda is to light up the tunnel and buildings by the ramp onto the clubman try and get the clubman layout of the track as close to finishing this year as possible.

Modelling Software Screenshots

Ingame Screenshots

Day: 6
Hours: 42
Today I've worked on more refining certain parts of the map as well as going through Gran Turismo 4 to see what details I need to finish for the Clubman route to be ready but I still have managed to get a fair amount done. "Work in Progress" buildings as I like to call them, or under construction have been modelled and textured as well as the Highway under which Turn 8's and 9 on the main layout go under, the sidewalks on the turns, as well as planters with small plants and the barriers as well Oh and also Buildings that are just in between the Turn 8 of Clubman and Turn 8 of the main layout have been modelled and textured. Also run offs have been added to turns 8,9, 10 and 11. Though only up until Turn 9 its all done.

Next up on the agenda probably is getting the main layout up and running as well as the area surrounding it all the way up until turn 10, of which barrier and grandstands are completed at the current moment.

Ignore the black on the brake/turn markers I just havent turned the diffuse on for the texture in KSeditor

Software Screenshots



Ingame Screenshots

Day: 7
Hours: 53
Today has definitely been one of my most productive days. Turns 8 to 12 on the main layout have been completed to 98% satisfaction with vast majority of objects modelled and textured as well as positioned in correct places, extra models include new tree for the walkway, extra buildings, advertising boards, Highway bridge structure for the clubman road layout, extra track limit run offs, pavement and kerbs as well as barriers, extra trees placed, and edited the road layout for the clubman.
The track is nearing its completion I would say it is about 70% on the way to being released as a beta test build in terms of objects, road layout and driveability. Next up on the list are turns 13 and 14 those should be next to be completed after which turns 15 and 16 will come, and then the pitlane entrance from the main layout should be completed. After which I'll probably take a day to go through final checks before releasing the track as a beta test track.

Software Screenshots




Ingame Screenshots



Day: 8
Hours: 63
Bulk of the track has now been completed, almost all of the objects have been completed. Final section of the track has been completed, buildings, streetlamps, grass, trees, grandstands, advertising boards, barriers the lot have been done. Now all that I have left to do on the track before I can release the track as a beta is, finish the highway structure under the main road and pitwalls and go around the whole track and fix any missing details that I may have overlooked, any mismatched objects like walls and tracks, any textures that need to rework.

Software screenshots

Ingame Screenshots


Day: 9
Hours: 65
I've done a few checks around the circuit and added stuff like AC Start boxes, pit boxes and AI lines as well as creating a daylight version too. Honestly I feel like the circuit is ready for a small beta test which you can get at this download link.

Let me know what you guys think and if you guys find any irregularities that I may need to have a look at.
In the meantime enjoy the track and enjoy the screenshots that I took in a practice race.










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This looks great, just stupendous.
I won't be able to try it for a few days, but is it glass smooth or you have some seams and road texture?
So excited

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