The Big RD Skinning Competition

Paul Jeffrey

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It's competition time! Fancy showing off your artistic talents to our readers here at RaceDepartment? Know how to paint a livery and have Assetto Corsa? Want to share some love with RaceDepartment and win a prize? Then we have the competition for you!

RaceDepartment are proud to announce a contest for all the livery painters in our wonderful sim racing community. If you have the skills to design your own liveries and want to share your ideas with our community, then this could be the competition for you! The challenge is to design a skin for any car in Assetto Corsa, all we ask is it looks cool, feels like a racing car and most of all it has a unique and obvious RaceDepartment theme.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, and you want the world to see your creative genius, then read on for the fine details below...

What is it?
The competition is to design a skin with a unique RaceDepartment theme. We ask you keep it clean (this is a family friendly site after all) and you use your most creative talents.

What do you win?
A full year of free Premium membership at RaceDepartment for you or a friend. That's 12 whole months of online racing and driver academies, plus access to our premium members area of the site. Of course if you are already a Premium member, you can hold on to the gift and use it when your renewal is due.

How long do I have?
The competition will start when this article goes live, and will close on the 28th February. This article will be featured on the front page of the website for the duration of the competition.

What sim is it for?
Assetto Corsa

Which car should I skin?
Any! We have no preference at all so knock yourself out and choose whatever takes your fancy :)

Why should I bother?
Because its cool, and looking at nice liveries makes me happy :) Jokes aside, we have loads of readers at RaceDepartment and your liveries will be featured on the front page, for a whole month! That's a lot of exposure for you, and its a great opportunity to let the world see what you can do with a virtual paintbrush. Plus you win a Premium membership if you are picked by our panel of judges as the winner.

What do I have to do?
Simple really. Pick a car in AC (ideally vanilla content but mod cars will be considered too, providing they are "legal" mods), create your skin and post a picture of the finished livery in the comments section of this article.

What picture of the finished livery should I post?
UPDATE 12.02.17 - For final submissions.

Please note the competition closes on Tuesday 28th February 12pm midnight UK. All final entries must adhere to the following process to ensure an equal playing field during the voting phase.

The image that readers will vote against must be 1920x1080 in size and must be contain only unedited images, taken from the skin viewer in game with a white background. The final submission should contain shots from both sides, front, rear and top down. Editing of the images is strictly forbidden! :)

The final submissions post should contain the words "Final Submission" in bold at the top of the post.

I apologise for the mixed message with regards to how to submit an image. The initial plan was to review final submissions via a panel of RD staff judges, however on further reflection and following a suggestion from our readers we will be putting all final entries into a community poll. The top 5 highest ranking skins will then judged by a panel of RD staff where we will select a winner. All final submissions will be collated into a finals post to go on the front page, where the voting will be opened to the public. The voting will run for 2 weeks and the winner will be selected within 48 hours of voting closure.

Once a decision has been made a winner announcement article will be made separately on the front page. The final top five will be invited to resubmit any "artistic" pictures they wish to have displayed on the winners announcement article.

To reiterate, all final submissions need to have "final submission" at the head of the post and the post must contain unedited images using in game skin viewer against a white backdrop showing both sides, front, rear and top views.

Many thanks and happy painting :D

Logos for use on the skins here - RD_logo.png RD_logo_shadow.png RD_short.png RD_short_shadow.png

Ok that should clear up the technical stuff. As mentioned above I will keep this thread on the front page for the duration of the competition (closes midnight 28/02/17 UK). Once the competition has closed I will post the winners announcement article and include all the submissions on one thread, so people can review the cars without having to wade through all the various comments on the original posts. These images will remain on the front page for everyone to view for a couple of weeks after the close of the competition.

Good luck and happy painting :D
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I'm away from my PC with photoshop until nearly the end of the month, no entry from me. Would have liked to have a chance to win a year of premium.
ahh to hell with it, just bought CC this means war men, don your armour, man the towers, there are templates to be tamed and I contain the brush. Hide your wives, hide your kids because we gonna be skinning up to all hell in here.

@RD upgrade your servers just in case get a few of those fancy 18tb hdds Seagate is getting all hyped about.

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