TOCA Race Driver 2

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GEARS: really dont know yet
SUSP: 100/100
HEIGHT: 0 or 5
ANTI: 100/100
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GEARS: Make the last gear very long
SUSP: 100/100
HEIGHT: 5 or 10
ANTIROLL: 70/100 or 70/90
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GEARS: As short as possible
DF: 100/100
SUSP: 100/100
ANTIROLL: 60/100
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ANTIROLL: 100/100
BRAKES: as you like it
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Downforce: 50/50 or 100/100
Suspension: 100/100
Height: 0
Antiroll: 100/100
Brakes: +20 rear

V8 Supercars
Oulton Park Long 29-10-2006

Fastest Lap: 1.16.32 by {StigS}GreasedL & hudy[RPM]
Disqualified: {StigS}Mayaaa for severe ramming and cutting


Final Overall Championship Standings

Sub Championship Standings
V8 Supercars Final Standings

HotRods Final Standings

DTM Final Standings

American 1000 Final Standings

SuperTrucks Final Standings

PS: The points in "Overall" are the points the players get for the Overall Championship when the sub-championship is finished.
PS2: The standings are bit messy for V8 race 1 because we drove with 2 heats that both had full points for the winner. In the other races this is different, since we now have sprintraces (qualifiers) and main races (championshipraces).


There has been in a major change in the schedule. This is because of the plans we have with tournaments in upcoming games like GTR2 and WTCC. Therefore the RD2 tournament in cut back from 25 to 11 races, which allows us to be finished halfway february instead of september.

We have removed 4 of the championships:
-Truman Stockcars
-GT Lights Ice Races
-XKR Pan American
-UK Rallycross

We removed/changed some races in the remaining championships:
-V8 Supercars, out: Oran Park
-HotRods, out: A1 Short, Brands Hatch Indy, in: Road America
-DTM, out: Eurospeedway
-American 1000, out: Road America, Pikes Peak, in: Laguna Seca
-Supertrucks, out: Laguna Seca, Donington Park Long, in: Bathurst

The schedule is, as a result of the changes, transformed into this:

This cutback in the RD2 Tournament does not mean the end of our activities in that game. We will still organise Singe Day Events in the game when the other tournaments have started.

If you have any questions or comments, please post them here, or send me a PM

In the following I will provide you the information you need to participate in the championship. I will discus the organisation, rules and schedule of the championship. I apologize for the strictness and harshness in the text and ask you to understand that it is required to organise this properly.

[RPM] Race Director

This championship will be driven in the game Race Driver 2 on 24 of its tracks in 25 races. The races are part of a sub-championship (9 in total). Each sub-championship is driven in a certain series (like V8, DTM) and features 2 to 4 races. Each event consists of sprintrace and a main race. In each sprint race players qualify for the main race. In each main race players can gather points for the sub-championship to improve their ranking in it. When a sub-championship ends players gather points for the overall championship due to their rank in the sub-championship standings.

Invitations, requests and duties
You are, whether fast or slow on the track, free to participate in the championship. If you wish to participate you will have to sign up in the designated tournament thread. If you sign up we automatically asume that you have read the rules and know the schedule. You will have to sign up for every single race individually or you will not be accounted for in the heatdivision. The heatdivision displays in which sprint race group you will start in the tournament. It will be posted in the week before the race, but may change over time, because of additional signups and signouts. Members of other teams are also welcome in the tournament, for them th procedure is the same, as are the rules.

Rules (it’s the nasty part, but read it carefully!)
The rules apply only to those who participate in this championship, or individual races in it.
Showing up: You are expected to participate in the championship races. You are hereby kindly, but forcibly requested to be in the targeted in-game room at the time that is outlined in the schedule. Rooms will open at least 10 minutes before the race starts. If, in any case, you are (possibly) delayed or kept from showing up, then please let us know at least 48 hours before the races starts. We then can keep that in mind and start later, or replace you with someone else. If you don’t show up without giving us notice you will receive 0 points for that race. NOTE: We will start at the targeted time, if we haven’t agreed on a slight delay of the start.
Behaviour in Race and Rooms: During races both collision and damage are turned on, that will require additional skill and discipline. Of course I don’t expect any trouble, since you are a nice lot, but just for the record:
# No off-track shortcuts (cutting), you are expected to follow the lines of the track, which may include a few wheels on the grass, but no obvious cutting. Accidents are of course an exception. If you plan to cut… make it look like an accident. Harsh measures will be taken against cutters!
# No ramming, you are expected to behave like a gentleman/lady on the track. Contact is allowed: door to door and bumper to bumper racing is ok, but intentional crashes, rams and push-offs aren’t. Again harsh measures against violation!
Pit Stops: Pit stops are mandatory in main races only. You must pit after the 1st lap and before the last lap. You may not finish in the pitlane or you will risk disqualification!

You risk disqualification or, in extreme circumstances, complete exclusion from the championship if you do not keep to the rules.

Short Schedule
A more detailed schedule with dates and time will be posted separately, here’s a quick outline of the sub-championships.

# V8 Supercars: Philip Island, Brands Hatch GP and Oulton Park Long.
# Hot Rods: Road America and Loch Rannoch 1.
# DTM: Barbagallo, Eastern Creek and Zandvoort.
# American 1000: Texas and Laguna Seca.
# Supertrucks: Bathurst.

If you want to test, you will need some tracks from TrackPatch1.5. I highly recommend testing, because most of you are unfamiliar with the series or tracks or both.

In each main race players can gather points due to their position in the race when it finishes. The points are for the current sub-championship only (so, not for the overall championship!).

1st: 1000
2nd: 900
3rd: 850
4th: 800
5th: 750
6th: 700
7th: 650
8th: 600
9th: 550
10th: 500
11th: 475
12th: 450
13th: 425
14th: 400
15th: 375
16th: 350
17th: 325
18th: 300
19th: 285
20th: 270
21th: 255
22th: 240
23th: 225
24th: 210
25th: 195
26th: 180
27th: 170
28th: 160
29th: 150
30th: 140
31th: 130
32th: 120

After each sub-championship players gather points for the overall championship due to their ranking in the sub-championship standings. The points are for the overall championship. We use the same table as stated above.

Championship standings and race results will be posted and updated on the forum.

Further notes on sprint and main races
In each championship event there will be 4 sprintraces (qualifying heats), unless it's reported differently. Every driver qualifies for the main race by participating in the sprintrace. The higher you finish in qualifying, the higher group you get in for the main race, the more points you can score! The number of main-race groups depends on the number of people that show up. It's a complicated system that I won't explain here, because we may alter it over time and adjust it for every event. [/size]

Saturday 6-1-2007
12+24 laps in two races with DTM on Zandvoort
Start: 19.30 GMT (20.30 CET)



Circuit Park Zandvoort is a motorsport race track located in the dunes near the town of Zandvoort, in the Netherlands, near the North Sea coast line.

Although there were some races at Zandvoort before WW II, starting in June, 3, 1939, a real circuit was not built until after the war, mainly designed by John Hugenholtz. The circuit was inaugurated on August, 7, 1948. Next year, in 1949 the circuit hosted the Zandvoort Grand Prix. The following year, the race was called the Dutch Grand Prix, and it was included in the Formula One World Championship in 1952. In 1985, the Dutch Grand Prix was held for the last time, as part of the circuit had to be remodelled because of new buildings. Currently the circuit is again bidding to be included in the Formula One World Championship. The major event that is currently held at the circuit is the BP Ultimate Masters of Formula 3, where Formula 3 cars of several national racing series compete with each other.

The most famous corner in the circuit is the Tarzanbocht (Tarzan corner) which provides excellent overtaking opportunities. This corner is reportedly named after a local character who had earned the nickname of Tarzan and only wanted to give up his vegetable garden in the dunes if the track's designers named a nearby corner after him.

In the history of the circuit, several fatal accidents have occurred; among them are Piers Courage during the 1970 Dutch Grand Prix, and Roger Williamson in 1973.

The older 'Classic' Zandvoort circuit layout is modeled in detail and can be driven in the Grand Prix Legends racing simulation for X86-based pc's.

Circuit Park Zandvoort played host to the first race in the 2006/07 season of A1 Grand Prix from 29 September - 1 October 2006. Benefiting from the excitement of the first race, and the most enthusiastic fans in the world, A1 Team The Netherlands home race is bound to be one of the highlights on the A1 Grand Prix calendar.


1. Neo[RPM]
2. Thunderwheel[RPM]
3. Danish[RPM]
4. keulek[RPM]
5. Racemaus[RPM]
6. Slider~[RPM]
7. Scyp[RPM]
8. Honk[RPM]
9. Regen100[RPM]
10. Szefo[RPM]
11. sukhoi[RPM]
12. GTR_Fan[RPM]
13. hudy[RPM]
14. Malmsteen[RPM]
15. Bong[RPM]
16. demise00
17. kevinschwantz[RPM]
18. NothingamMm (entry under investigation --> see
19. linchpin
22. Superpats
23. Dave[RPM]
24. Raceheart[RPM]

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