Where can I download Blancpain Endurance Series mod?

I want to try the Blancpain mod and compare it to the Apex Modding GT3, but I can't find a place where I could download it from. Am I being blind or what?

Before someone suggests - I can't connect to the GT3 club server because my premium membership ran out couple of weeks ago.

Thanks in advance!
You can find the download by googling 'blancopain rfactor 2'. It's the first link that shows up for me. After giving it an hour I have to say that Apex Modding GT3 feels a lot better, though I am sure some will disagree. It's hard to describe the differences (the easy thing to spot is that AM GT3 have better cockpits) so I would suggest people try them both. I will say that AM GT3 has a limited selection of cars.

Also, some people complained about the physics of the Porsche, but I haven't tried that car yet so it's difficult to pass any judgement. What I will say is that I always thought other mods and sims exxagerated the turn-in oversteer and understeer under throttle. Many real life Porsche drivers said that in recent years manufacturer has put a great effort to nullify that characteristic. I will probably give it a shot in a few days and see if AM GT3 version of Porsche is just as ridiculous as some of the mods I tried before.

As for URD EGT cars - haven't tried them and probably won't. I just don't feel like spending money on unlicensed content. If I buy content for a sim it better be properly named and designed with information from the manufacturer/real life teams.I'm not saying it's not worth the money, it just seems that a lot of guess-work went into that mod. I don't mind that with free mods, but I hold paid content to a higher standard.

BTW: Am I the only one getting a weird graphical glitch with AM GT3 BMW Z4? The car bonnet seems to be popping out in an awkward way when sitting behnd the wheel. If you have no idea what I'm talking about I imagine I could post a screenshot later, but maybe it's something common?
the urd cars are worth every cent ;) great models, great sounds, great physic

i think we all can be happy that such great stuff is that cheap ;)

i can life with unlicenced content as the painters can bring the logos back on the car, same for the names, its just has to be written in the veh files ;)
URD mods are always based off real life data only. They just don't use real brand names to avoid licensing problems.
I am aware of that and it's the main reason why I think this content, even though it's just a mod, is worth the money. My personal problem is that we don't really know how much legitimate info they have. There are things that the modding team may not have the access to. I don't have a problem with them charging money for their work I just don't feel personally inclined to pay for content that is not official and licensed. ;)
Btw: I played a bit with graphical settings to see if the visual problems with models (am gt3 mod) were related to my setup. for some reason mclarens have no rear bumper and z4s have a transparent hole under the bonnet. Is that a common glitch with the mod or is it something related to my setup?

At first I thought it's because I'm running lowest graphical settings but the problem presists on higher settings too. I downloaded the version of the mod from RD forums so I'm pretty sure it's up to date.

Edit: just read the information in another thread. It could be because I messed around with nvidia control panel, I will reinstall rf2 tonight and see how it goes. I hope I won't have to use in-game settings only. Rf2 is terribly optimised and it really abuses my 650ti. The antialiasing seems particularly inefficient when using in-game settings and without it rf2 looks kind disgusting because of the edges on 3d models.
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@Szymon Olizarowicz
I spent quite abit of time with Apex and BES. Both keep evolving a bit so impressions get out of date but for me a Porsche salesman for 6.5 years and a former 911 owner that has had them on track for dozens of laps the BES had me at hello.
The entry oversteer is contolled with diff lock (high on coast low on power). Once set up its drives like the real thing. The feel of the mass at the rear just perfect. The (edit) Apex car just doesnt talk to me in the same way. Ill try to link a set up for you. But I was even inspired to do a short video commentary here.
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