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Hey guys, Benjamin from the WRC team!

Today, as we teased yesterday on our socials we wanted to present you the Livery Editor of WRC 10, a very comprehensive customisation tool which invites you to push the limits of your imagination. With WRC 10, it is now possible to create totally unique liveries from nearly thirty WRC, WRC 2, WRC 3 and Junior WRC cars included in the game, as well as the historical cars. Colours, shapes, stickers, logos, lettering… players can access to infinite possibilities to impose their style and wear their own designs, including in the Career Mode!

Check out our exclusive trailer highlighting the Livery Editor. Be sure to check our F.A.Q to have more information about the mode.


How does the Livery Editor works?
The Livery Editor will allow you to customise a car by selecting colours and adding stickers over it. You can access the Livery Editor through the game's main menu or by creating your own private team in the Career Mode of WRC 10.

How many stickers can I add to a livery?
You can add up to 500 stickers.

Can I create my own stickers?
Yes, you can create own stickers by modifying stickers already present in the Library and shape them to your creative will!

Are all colours and stickers available from the start?
No, not all of them are available - to unlock you'll have to go through specific challenges and achievements (e.g: complete one season as a Junior WRC).

How can I customise my car in the Career Mode?
To customise your own car you'll first need to complete all Anniversary Events, after that - start a new WRC2/WRC3 Career and pick your own Private Team.

Are all cars customisable in WRC 10?
Nearly 30 cars from the game's entry list are customisable, however only the Subaru Impreza WRC & the Audi quattro aren't available in the Livery Editor.

Are you planning to add more content to the Livery Editor?
Yes! Following the launch of WRC 10 this September, we will have two majors free post-launch updates which in addition to adding new cars and stages will add new stickers & logos to the library.

Can I import my own stickers to the Livery Editor?
No, you cannot import stickers.

Can I share my liveries to other members of the Community?
It's currently not possible to do so. However, you can definitively share screenshots by using the Photo Mode or videos of your liveries!
Salut Sebastien, long time no see! That is indeed a bit shitty, but if 50% of the colours are in, I'm fine. And I actually enjoy playing a career mode as someone who usually only plays online racing games, nice for a change, but it takes me ages: still just at the beginning of my first wrc season in wrc08, so plenty to go before i pick up #10 ;)

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