#1 Scherer Sport PHX Farewell Audi | N24 2023

#1 Scherer Sport PHX Farewell Audi | N24 2023 2.0

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The #1 Scherer Sport PHX livery from the 2023 N24 race. I said I'd make it when the RSS Audi came out, so here we are.

Thanks to @MEDIIZA Designs for the tyres, they make things so much easier for the rest of us and are much appreciated.
Thanks to @finnbot for the N24 front and rear banner extension, which adds a ton to the realism.
Thanks to @Breanuts for the real logos for the car.
Finally, huge thanks to RSS for making this car. The work they put into these mods is incredible and we wouldn't have these iconic cars without them.

This livery is for the RSS GTM Aero Evo 2.
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  1. Logos Rework

    Updated a good amount of this one. - Corrected the H&R logos (Thanks to @MEDIIZA Designs for...
  2. Misc. fixes

    Fixed some stuff I forgot about.

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Thanks for sharing!
would give you more stars if i could, gracias
Excellent skin, thanks
Very nice. Thanks.
looks great!
Beautiful! Tysm!

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